King [S] 1 point ago

bruh, only like 5% of their shoes are made in usa....and they are expensive

that said....perhaps worth it if you can find a model you like

King [S] 1 point ago

hmmm...sometimes when im using the burn barrel i smell steak....but probably a different fungus

King [S] 1 point ago

i wonder if they grow on my property.......

ive got so much poison ivy growing that im afraid to look

King [S] 1 point ago

its a reverse psychology to make the left realize thast bill gates is, in fact, a nazi

nevermind, you dont remember the counter memetics

King [S] 1 point ago

im not so sure the crops are better, people make this assumption though

and the fact that they dont produce seeds and many farmers commit suicide because of doijng business with Monsanto could cause starvation too

King [S] 2 points ago

great reply

but its not a bill gates quote...

its a way to make digital id tattoos racist against people of ccolor and people who cant get ids to vote.... 💃

looks like it kind of was effective based on yoiur reply!

King [S] 1 point ago

"Trump's supporters will NEVER figure out what he's really doing until it's too late for them to mess with it." - King

just saying this must also be true?

King [S] 3 points ago

i dont get it when people here say "trump is in control"

just saying, he is making compromises and negotiating

so...ill say it again, do you really thing he wanted to do all of this over the common cold?

King [S] 8 points ago

not even a sacrifice....

this is just like....do you want to be human cattle or not?!

King [S] 5 points ago

im talking about what op is talking about

bunch of parrots saying the same shit at the same time

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