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Just wait until those new buyers hear that Biden put Beta "Hell yes we're taking away your guns" O'Rourke in charge of his gun control policy.

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I followed Pizzagate at the time, and here's the problem: no victims. Yes, there are many victims of child abuse in general, but zero who can be connected to Pizzagate (meaning Comet Pizza, the Podestas, etc.). Lots of "clues," but no confessions, no survivors, no testimony, no bodies. I'm not saying there are no victims, but without real evidence we only have accusations.

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True, but these are people reporting about non-Twitter friends. And it makes sense: riots and civil disorder tend to help elect the law and order candidate. See 1968 and 1972.

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I bet Trump would win in 2016 partly on anecdote. I kept seeing sincere-sounding internet comments by (e.g.) gays worried about Muslim immigration. Around San Francisco, I saw very little enthusiasm for Hillary: old Obama signs and bumper stickers seemed to outnumber Hillary swag. I don't take anecdotes as proof, but sensing a general "mood" can be valuable.

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Exactly. He resisted the impulse to send in the National Guard and give the left a Kent State moment with martyrs.

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This is good, but why not list them in the sidebar here?

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Temporary is better than permanent.

Kimball_Kinnison 12 points ago

That's why you don't call it The_Donald2 or something like that. Just make it a pro-Trump sub. That would put Reddit in an awkward position: if they ban it, they'd be admitting they're biased.

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Seriously, we could start a new version of The_Donald (with a different name) and quickly have a bunch of subscribers. Follow their stupid rules and see if they dare to ban it.

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For a t-shirt, just use the last two sentences.

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We don't disagree. I agree that China is fucking with us, but it's also home-grown communists, only some of them with connections to the CCP. I do hope the FBI is looking closely at the various Maoist sects, like the RCP.

Kimball_Kinnison 17 points ago

With our own home-grown communists.

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