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That doesn't matter to me. The cartoon stands on its own.

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And not even that good a talker: he hasn't passed much legislation and his colleagues don't like him.

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FFS, when Iran took American hostages Sanders took the side of Iran! Most voters have no idea how much of a commie this guy is.

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I'd make it someone labeled DNC throwing marbles in front of Bernie.

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Never fear, this is kabuki. Barr complains about Trump, Democrats side with Barr, Barr lowers the boom on corrupt Democrats. Bet on it.

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I'm really hoping the DNC lets him win the nomination. Trump might win 48 states.

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It should be, but it won't be. However, It's one more reason that even if the DNC allowed him to win the nomination, there's no way he could beat Trump. These clips, and the campaign's non-response, would be used to devastating effect in election ads.

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Like many, I am shocked to learn that College Humor had 100 employees.

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I've read that Grafton's mother was an illegal alien who got amnesty under Reagan. sigh

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I'm very aware of what Democrats and leftists think about Trump. I live in the SF Bay area, so they're all around me. It is quite extreme and often is outright delusion. Fascinating, really. Even Reagan was not hated and feared the way Trump is.

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I have been unable to convince my Democratic Party friends that Rudy would not be saying all this without evidence. They just dismiss it all.