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dominated by power user

Wow. The "elite" are hellbent on controlling human thought. Looking back, it didn't seem as though they were trying to control thought but ever since trump came along and the fake news became exposed by trump, it's more obvious than ever. Their system is completely out In the open which stretches into social media. For example Facebook. On a side note, just look into mark Zuckerbergs eyes. He's seen the other side and he ain't comin back.

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Glad to have one of you on our side. We don't hate trans people or gay people or any people (we hate communism though). Thanks for understanding that this community is pro "leave us alone to have freedom of conscience"

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Lol you're already welcoming new Patriots hahaha. I love it.

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I'm a homeowning gun totin Maga loving dude. Thanks Zoe!

Wow. This is beautiful

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Wow. I now know we are history in the making.

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Been in the Bible Deep lately. I mean. God Identifies himself as the Truth. God is the very embodiment of Truth. Ever since the lockdowns went into effect, Truth [God is Truth] just started having it's way. It started off slow. The World was kinda darkened in a way. We were under complete and total Control. For a little while, people believed the Lie. Eventually there will be a Lie that is very powerful just before the antichrist arrives (Strong Delusion mentioned in Revelations) but once Truth started in on Corona virus. 1 by 1 Truth started knocking down the lie. Lockdowns started ending. If deception had it's way, we would still be locked down and hemmed up tight. Government never likes losing power, they like to keep it the fact that Government is relinquishing the Lockdowns is a testament to the fact that truth is doing what it always does. Kill tyranny. This is probably why Communist regimes control information because, once truth frees itself (and it always does) you start to have things happen like the 95 thesis of the protestant reformation, you have things like the Berlin wall comming down, you have things like Brexit Take place. God is Truth. Truth has power over darkness.

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You don't get the joke I was making..... do you.

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🤦🏽‍♂️ you don't get this joke.... He doesn't get it yall.

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We are in a Global Spiritual war right now. If you've been using Spirtual Terminology found in the bible you can see exactly what I'm seeing. People who only use their eyes to see what's happening don't know what to think. We are winning big time.

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Can you be more specific? Who do you mean when you say "they"?

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Lol www.fatpeoplehate.win this is bringing the 2000s internet back. Hey u/shadowman we can create our own sub pages now?

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Meh.... I don't buy the anti jew message. Globalism is all groups trying to fuck us

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Litterally had a dumb fuckin communist bar tender tell me that China isn't the bad guy, it's russia we have to worry about. Communists make me sick.

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I think that If someone teleported from the year 2000 and landed in the year 2020, they would have a heart attack.

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