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I'm glad you are pointing this out because lately, I have been seeing the strangest things out of people here in a very deep blue area (DC area), and that is the normiest of normies are pissed, especially older people. Just random encounters and people make pissed off comments about how the elections is BS. I don't ever remember people doing that before.

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On a normal day you could count like thousands of people blindly calling for a Civil War.

Are you new here?

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Definitely get what you get. It's fair.

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No, I don't know a thing about you, but you chose to respond, which tells me you felt offense and further guilt.

what I do know is there are millions of people in certain states that let RINOs win and the only way that happened is that they are a part of a "vote all R" category of losers in primaries. Or didn't even show up, which is more likely.

We aren't done here. I am calling you out for being personally involved in making sure shitberg RINOs run your state, chose your voting system, and all of it. It's literally your fault.

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I will 100% give a pass to Georgians for Kemp. He talked a good game. Dog in the truck and all of that. Fooled me too.

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Ready for what? Calling you out? I just did. You took no ownership of your own locality, and now are complaining about localities not safeguarding an election. WTF standing do you have now? NONE. Take it and like it.

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Did you get involved in your local and state people? Who chose the machines that somehow stole your ballot?


Then how do you have ground to complain?

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So what you are saying is, as a citizen, you didn't get involved in the political process.

At least you admit.

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There was a time for "an intelligent manner" 4 years ago. Shitbergs like you ignored that and just said "yay Trump wins" and expected it all to go your way.

You didn't commit to MAGA. You didn't get the right people in your state.

And now they are running around trying to steal an electon.

Make no mistake, I am not making this post because I think we will lose. On the contrary, I see us winning. I just want to light a fire under your asses so it never happens again.

It's time for a bit of self-reflection bitches.

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Good comment Brother. Don't think for a second I won't fight. But I am shit-tired of these losers that never fought anything more than a ziploc bag calling for a war.

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Yes. I blame losers like you.

I didn't say I won't fight you mental midget. I never even implied that. I am saying losers like you have no idea the storm they are asking for that people like me can bring.

You're such a coward and a loser, you couldn't even be assed to attend any of these gatherings to put up a candidate, much less attend a primary vote. And now you are all

1984 = 1776

Well excuse me for fucking calling losers like you out now. I'll fight, but I will damn sure turn my weapon on you after, you pathetic piece of shit.

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And yet, almost nobody shows up to vote in primaries. And here we are, complaining about the Governor of GA, or this or that random Secretary of State, or members of Legislatures of PA, and somehow, some way, that is "not our fault".

It's our fault bitches. Accept it.

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I look forward to your candidacy when you get that DD214.

Keln -20 points ago +1 / -21

OK Democrat

"OMG They disenfranchised me".

What a pathetic excuse.

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Oh so you can be assed for a public lynching, but not to decide who your local state assemblyman was.

Keln -12 points ago +1 / -13

Then you all had better be showing up next time.

Keln -5 points ago +1 / -6

It happens. I don't blame people for that guy. But if you all do not show up to primary him, it's on you.

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Crenshaw was a major disappointment. Those do happen.

Spez: you called me a pussy. OK bud. You'r a big badass on the internet and if you feel the need to shit yourself, you can just go to the head.

Nothing about what I said is saying we should not fight if we have to. It is a condemnation of people like you who were unwilling to leave your XBOX for the time it takes to actually get involved in politics and would rather play your stupid games and then complain later about who you have to vote for. You pathetic piece of shit.

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Well either you are a total moron or you chose to take it as soft.

I am not afraid of any of that, I am pointing out what happens in a war. Because I have been there.

The point of my post is, you fuckers were never there when people like me were knocking on doors and trying to get you idiots out for primaries and to actually choose the party candidates, and now you cry about people in those positions that are wimps and not standing up for us and want 1776. Like you totally shirked your responsibility and think some "quick war" will fix it. You're stupid beyond belief.

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It's not enough.


Or put someone up to run, then show up

Look at primary data. It's pathetic.

We get RINOs because we do not vote when it has meaning. The general means less than the Primaries. If you want a party.

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I saw what happened in Staten Island this evening.

Too little too late.

Not enough people got involved in the political process and now are crying about it.

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Who in the hell let commies in the schools? Who let RINOs be elected? Who let all of these people get positions of power?

You did.

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This post is not about the military.

It is about a people who refuse to engage in the political sphere at home.

The same people complain about "all these rinos" and yet never are involved in getting people nominated before elections.

And now you reap what you sowed.

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The "righteousness" of the fight is not disputed. Nor is my willingness or ability to fight it.

But where were you 10 years ago or twenty or five? why didn't you run or put up someone to run.

I know you motherfuckers never got involved in politics on the ground before. I know because I did and knocked on doors and most doors were like "meh whatever".

You got RINOs because you didn't participate. This is on YOU.

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