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Sums up where we're at in 2020. Pretty sure they're planning on making this go hot, just like last time.

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Excellent point. Was thinking of taping a Kleenex to my nose and letting it dangle. That covers the nose and mouth, but fishnet sounds more comfortable.

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I need to review the executive order, but if the article reflects the order then it really doesn't change the status quo, other than masks are required outdoors in crowded areas (whatever that means)

She technically has no authority to extend the emergency, and she's operating in a legal grey area. sheriffs will continue to exercise their own discretion. since she closed bars, this will help make up for lost tax revenue. I believe she considers arrests and criminal charges a bad legal move.

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Love it when their plans fail.

"Degenerate" towards a gay gets downvoted to hell.

"The Right loves Muslims" gets upvoted

Truly eye opening, unless one is blind

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Anybody else feel kinda bad seeing a dotard forced to run against GEOTUS? Not that I like Joe at all. Democrats are so evil to not retire him.

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After analyzing this sticky post, my comments, and the comments of others, it appears we're all slightly Mexico Mexico.

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Two scoops. Two Mexicos. Two terms. Unlimited salt.

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It's hazardous because oxygen levels drop below OSHA requirements. Whether OSHA cares is one thing, but he could really toy with his boss on this issue

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Not just a candidate for president. He was the ONLY one Trump even respected. He was given the opportunity to make a real difference running HUD, and one of the first things he did at HUD was audit and uncover corruption from the prior administration. This man is always the calm voice of reason and virtue on issues. What a guy! I'd vote for him before Kanye

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Not sure how they could engineer a bioweapon to kill every American while sparing a billion of their own people.

I agree that they'd try, just doesn't seem doable. Change my mind.

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The only thing we have going for us is that they can't take out the world without taking out themselves (regarding bioweapons).

Wuhu Flu conveniently thins the herd of elderly/weak people, which will relieve economic burdens of caring for these people for any country. Sick, yes (not supporting it), but it was a cost Xi's China was willing to make to the detriment of the Chinese population held hostage by this COMMIE/FASCIST/GANGSTER regime

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Until they engineer it to do so.

Is China capable of engineering viruses?

Is Xi willing to use engineered viruses against the world?

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Taiwan is the prize, because - aside from a great position in the South China Sea - it has legitimate claims over the mainland. It IS China, before the commies made them retreat to Taiwan.

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