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Al Gore almost got away with that.

Recounting ballots at least four times, each time a few more in favor of Dems?

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And they're all wearing masks while being distant and outdoors?

The left really does have their own flavor of science.

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Probably "Driver who ran over Trump supporters arrested, released on $100 bail. After informing his client to stop saying 'I WANT TO KILL THEM ALL!!!', their attorney is confident the charges will be dropped."

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If Trump said something like this, it will go viral several times over. But instead the MSM is ignoring it.

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As my pastor said: "The Bible doesn't read 'IF you pray.' It reads 'WHEN you pray.'"

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Republicans burning down the country


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Maybe; but there must also be so many pedes on right now too.

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RBG not only broke the glass ceiling, she vacuumed it out and tore it apart limb from limb!

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"I love the United States and I love the United States Constitution."

Dems: "That is exactly why we don't want her confirmed!"

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"Western civilization is a complete and utter failure!"

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That sounds like an operation for the chans.

Spread word around social media that July 3rd is "Dependence Day" and it's a day to celebrate getting free stuff and being controlled by big government...only the actual words used to describe would be much less obvious.

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That's pretty spicy...but what kind of spice levels would we be talking if the Reps skipped the confirmation hearing and went straight to a vote?

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I did not know about III. I'll keep that in mind the next time I take a long hike. Never had problems before, but still good to know.

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It's so big they didn't have enough distancing circles painted on the ground!

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Hey leftists how it does it feel for strangers to come out from nowhere and yell and curse at you?

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In fairness, a lot of his voters and associates probably think about sex `round the clock.

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Blue button: Replace Joe with the VP on the ticket and find a new charismatic VP that attracts new voters

Red button: Keep propping up Joe for another six weeks and risk major embarrassments and continued ridicule

Dems: (slams Red button with motion blur effect)

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And the left dragged his name so deep in the mud that the name Nixon has been an undying target of abuse by pop culture.

Everyone who was born after 1980 probably thinks he was evil incarnate because he had a mean looking face, because Futurama had him has an evil character and because everyone just says so.

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Boulder CO Bans extremely low-risk individuals from Leaving Their Residences

Fixed the headline.

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If an organization wants to teach critical race theory so badly then they should use their own damn money. Soros would be glad to pay for it, too.

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