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If you are a Republican anything... local, state, house, senator and you aren’t screaming at the top of your lungs about election fraud like Rudy, Powell or Trump you are a fucking traitor to the republic.

We stop the fraud right now or the USA as we know it no longer exists.

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This is what I mean by self constraints — we can’t arrest people who are violating every single law and god given right in this country and trying to illegally take power... because they might arrest us afterwards? Who made up that constraint?

Enough of this nonsense, the US constitution is clear on treason and sedition and tyranny and rigging an election is the absolute pinnacle of corruption.

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This breaks chain of custody and makes all votes processed with these systems invalid.... is what the legal argument would be if courts or laws actually mattered.

We are a war with terrorists seeking to topple the duly elected president of the USA.

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  1. POTUS declares voter fraud an act of treason because it is literally an attempt at overthrowing the USA government.
  2. POTUS declares anyone who obstructs justice in apprehending those responsible as guilty of treason.
  3. You arrest the prosecutor who “refuses to prosecute treason” for treason.
  4. Swift trial, death penalty

Hey look all these problems vanished in 10 days.

I don’t accept any self constraints, rigging an election is treason and the USA constitution provides for ample remedy.

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I’m glad Ted Cruz is on Twitter instead of doing anything that even remotely helps the voter fraud effort.

Like using his Republican majority in Texas to confiscate the handful of dominion owned machines that were used there and running a forensic analysis on them.

Texas uses Premier Election Solutions, owned by Dominion Voting Systems.

Texas : Switched : 14,954 Lost Votes : 30,557


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This is what happens when you tell the left, “No matter what you do, I will never arrest you because of some bullshit self constraint I put on myself about never arresting anyone.”

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Stop the Steal but Don’t Arrest Anyone?

Is it really that hard to do two things at once when they are the exact same thing?

Who is making up these memes that we can track down criminals and show evidence of their crimes in court, but there’s somehow no time to arrest them?

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There’s only 10 business days left until the state electors choose the next president. The only way to 100% prove the fraud occurred is a full audit and hand recount of an entire state.

There have been 0 arrests and 0 audits and 0 hand recounts.

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Yeah fuck Rand Paul he just said Biden won the election and he wants us to vote in another fake election.

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Possession is 9/10 of the law.

There’s 10 business days left until the state electors choose the next president of the USA....

POTUS needs to make a move NOW to fix this. Not Rudy, not Powell, not SCOTUS, not Pennsylvania — POTUS!

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The last execution by firing squad in the USA was in Utah in 2010. Don’t write us off yet.

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Why do we keep making up fake constraints and using them as an excuse for why we can’t arrest people?

They could hire Bernie Sanders as a special prosecutor to arrest people for the election fraud and the democrats would go crazy and call him a Trump supporter.

Just arrest people, no more excuses and fake constraints!

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If he’s had it he better do something because in 10 business days the states will send their electors and officially choose the next president on December 14th.

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This is a divisive issue why don’t we drop it until after December 14 when the electors are selected.

The fraud has to be fixed first and the runoff is January 5th.

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Yup, this runoff is a pretty divisive issue. Everyone here thinks the election is rigged so telling us to vote is like telling us to accept the fraud.

Either fix the election fraud by December 14 and everyone will happily vote on January 5 with paper ballots, or the republic has already fallen and this race doesn’t matter at all.

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Then he better arrest people first.

Anyone who thinks this coup, this rigged election can be solved in the courts or with some litigations, without making even one single arrest or putting capital punishment on these people, it’s just crazy.

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He’s complaining about media censorship...

POTUS has the ability to use the emergency broadcast system.

There’s barely 3 weeks left and we want to trust the PA state legislature to just override the votes and send in their own electors? This is ridiculous PA had the largest margin and largest amount of fraud out of the six swing states.

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