Katfish29 [S] 4 points ago

Murdoch’s sons took over and they are leftists. Fox is compromised now. They are controlled opposition.

Katfish29 [S] 3 points ago

Little did they know, a memesmith is among the most sexy mates a woman can ever see.

Katfish29 [S] 6 points ago

We need all of you for the next 6 months. Lets fire this shit up!!!!! MAN THE MEME CANNONS FAM!

Katfish29 [S] 16 points ago

To find a good woman. To wed her. To have children. And to Meme. Your children will ask you one day, what you did to make the world a better place. And you can tell themI fought in the great meme war of 2020. We defeated our foes, and ushered in a new era of American exceptionalism.

Katfish29 [S] [M] 3 points ago

This is being discussed.

Katfish29 [S] 5 points ago

Maybe go get a job you fucking bum. Cut yo dumb hair, sell your gay halo sword, grow tf up and work.

Katfish29 [S] 2 points ago

This is why we are here! Deport anyone that you feel may be a shill. We will review and take appropriate action!

Katfish29 [S] 10 points ago

We have the best veterans. Absolutely the best. Terrific veterans folks, believe ME.

Katfish29 [S] 5 points ago

You are not wrong. The same mods from TD built and moderate this website. We did this on our own with no outside funding, and will continue to fund this ourselves. If you look at our mod team in the side bar, it is all the mods from T_D. But reddit wanted to cuck us. We refused.

Katfish29 [S] 18 points ago

I hope that you realize you are famous! Myself and all the other mods always point out your best posts and comments. We love you! Welcome to .win.

Katfish29 [S] 5 points ago

Oh man the spice level on this one.

Katfish29 [S] 42 points ago

If you play games on PC/xbox/ps4, send PMs to folks with “TRUMP or MAGA or KAG” clan tags or names aith thedonald.win url!!!

Katfish29 [S] [M] 4 points ago

Welcome home fam. You can lose the commie old friends. You have millions of new family members.

Katfish29 [S] [M] 8 points ago (edited)

Acknowledged, bringing this up to the others now

Katfish29 [S] 4 points ago

Stanktuary is meme gold. We need to mine the fuck out of it.

Katfish29 [S] 8 points ago

This is what nightmares are made of

Katfish29 [S] 7 points ago

This couldn't be more spot on

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