Katfish29 14 points ago

Thanks!!!! We united for the Brexit meme war, and now we unite again for the Redexit meme war! Thanks for joining us! We love our UK pedes dont we folks?!

Katfish29 12 points ago

Were you a moderator of a sub, or know any moderators of subs for the UK? If so, PM me and we can discuss it!!!

Katfish29 15 points ago

The point is, when you engage in discourse with a lefty that doesn’t believe we should be involved in discourse, we are just shooting ourselves in the foot. We need to crush them at their own game. Awesome write up fam! I look forward to troll stories below!

Katfish29 3 points ago

Kamala would be on both knees.

Katfish29 2 points ago (edited)

We don’t want to ban people. We dont suppress speech. We DO want to land some big AMAs. We do want to grow this community. We DO want Trump to win the election. Facts are facts. But we will remove blatant racism/slurs, and depending on the offense and history, ban for varying timeframes. We dont like doing this, but one of the Lefts biggest attack on us is to come here saying bullshit then screen capping it and taking it to news orgs. It is a balancing act that we take seriously. Im happy that you feel comfy here, it makes us feel like we have walked that tightrope nicely.

Katfish29 3 points ago

We should just fucking seige them. Sureound the city with national guard. No one in, no one out. Starve them out until they realize that forcibly taking a US city is fucking dumb, and they dun goofed.

Katfish29 6 points ago

Hey im Irish. You’re racist. Irish lives matter. Quick lemme go get donations from all the outrag..... oh wait. No Irish give a fuck because we refuse to hold a victim mentality.

Katfish29 2 points ago

What even is a facebook?

Got rid of mind 9 years ago. Best decision ever. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Katfish29 4 points ago

Murdoch’s sons took over and they are leftists. Fox is compromised now. They are controlled opposition.

Katfish29 3 points ago

Little did they know, a memesmith is among the most sexy mates a woman can ever see.

Katfish29 6 points ago

We need all of you for the next 6 months. Lets fire this shit up!!!!! MAN THE MEME CANNONS FAM!

Katfish29 16 points ago

To find a good woman. To wed her. To have children. And to Meme. Your children will ask you one day, what you did to make the world a better place. And you can tell themI fought in the great meme war of 2020. We defeated our foes, and ushered in a new era of American exceptionalism.

Katfish29 [M] 3 points ago

This is being discussed.

Katfish29 5 points ago

Maybe go get a job you fucking bum. Cut yo dumb hair, sell your gay halo sword, grow tf up and work.

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