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BFG Division is always a good choice.

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Is anybody else having trouble uploading photos? I can't get mine to go at all.

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Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? They couldn't even at least get Muir up there, they agreed to Stephanopolous? Come on, man!

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See youtube video link posted in this thread.

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I can't wait until we have to do the daily Two Minutes of Hate under President Harris.

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"An increase of $48 on the fee people must pay to buy a handgun permit in the state and an increase of $95 on the fee for every firearms identification card, among other gun fee hikes."

For those that don't know, here is the deal when it comes exercising your God given 2nd amendment rights in New Jersey.

First, you must go to your local police station and fill out a firearms ID Card application form, which includes consenting to a mental health background check and you must provide 2 non-family/related references for the police to contact. First timers must also find the schedule for when fingerprinting is done and make time to have their fingerprints taken, along with paying the fee to do so. If you already have been fingerprinted, you must go on the State Police website and release your records to your local police department.

In New Jersey, all firearms owners must obtain what is called a Firearms Identification Card. The current fee for this card is $5. King Phillip wants this fee to be $100. You MUST have this card on you at all times when handling a firearm. They make this card JUUUUUUUST big enough that it will not fit in a credit card slot in a standard wallet. This card is required to purchase all long guns. You must go through then entire process anytime you need to update this card.

If you want to purchase a handgun, you must again go through the entire process. The fee for a handgun permit is $2 and you are only allowed to purchase 3 permits at a time, which expire 90 days after the date of issue. Also, you may only purchase 1 handgun every 30 days. (I'll let you do the math and figure out how worthless that 3rd permit is.) You may apply for a 90 day extension on your permits when they are about to expire. King Phillip wants to increase the $2 fee to $50.

After completing all this paperwork, your permits are supposed to be processed and available for pickup within 30 days for you to pick up. It is not uncommon for police departments to drag their feet and take 60-120 days to complete your application.

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Is the Conferdate Flag really necessary? You're not helping.

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