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One day, I'll catch this little bitch outside and I'm gonna thank him real good for destroying my fucking party

Might even make his kids watch me thank him

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Lol tell the boys at the shop im not gonna make it because there's rioters blocking the road.

Do it

Tell em

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Bro, look at the map.

A sea of red

Blue dots

Like every state

It's not just us. Come up here and ask anyone if they voted for shitmer and her band of homosexuals parading as law makers. It's so pathetic. I implore you to find someone directly under her that isn't a raging homosexual liberal.

Nobody voted for these people except the cities.

It's the same fight humanity has fought for centuries. Feudalism. The urban areas rule the land they do not inhabit.

It feels hopeless without confrontation

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Oh nooo

Look it's the Michelin man, peewee herman, twoface, and snake shitskin

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Man, idk I have never seen fan as anything but a swamp rat. He fools everyone with his soldier story. People don't realize the swamp is full of elite officers and some of the highest ranking members of military

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Never has, nor lin wood

But neither do we lads

Yet here we are

Here we always will be

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Since when do we support blaze media

The same blaze media that had Glenn beck slamming his face into a bowl of Cheetos and rolling around in Cheetos dust in an effort to take a shot at our president?

That blaze media or different

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I've been trying to get a max claim strike going since November 4th

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The long game here is to have the white hat's policing America's streets. Get ready for un military forces on your streets

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I can't believe you are either considering you aren't an arbitrator and nobody gives a fuck about your personal opinion regarding other people's opinions about other people's opinions

Go home karen

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As god gave Satan the power to rule over the earth I would say it's probably some homo named barry

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I mean they're all basically infomercial spokesmen. I put them in the same category with the shamwow guy

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He should have just said we do not know Kyle rittenhouse and our movement is non political

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Bro in as libertarian as they come but are you for real?

Jo Jorgensen?

The biggest most obvious China plant of all time

They fucking sold out bro

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Lol well he must not remember what happened to the last terrorist to fuck around at a church

Hint: he found out in less than 2 seconds

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