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Yeah. He cashed his check and gtfo.

It sucks he sold it to globalist lefty jerkoffs, so he should be condemned for that, but he hasn't controlled content for quite a while.

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PA, GA, plus one other state I believe.

Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin or Michigan should do it.

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The best president dance. Maybe ever. Believe me.

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Trump still wins even if Nevada and Minnesota go blue again.

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This is maybe the funniest thing I've ever read.

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Yeah I get that. But do the lefties get it? They protested for a fentanyl od victim, a peaceful jogger, a hands up dont shoot hoax, a guy who fired a taser at cops, a guy who went for a knife in his car after a fight with cops, a lady drug dealer enabler who shot at cops...

Should I go on?

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They refer to Joe Biden as a pedophile, unprovoked. Maybe not all the way MAGA, but smart enough to see the truth.

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The daughters and I had some influence. But she had a lady client who put it over the top. When i asked why she simply said "because I do not like the other choice." I'll take it.

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We are in western Wisconsin which is maga country for sure. Its pesky Milwaukee we have to worry about. Overall it feels like a Trump landslide but who knows what the urban areas have planned.

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In person voting deadline for Wisconsin is October 30th. Yessir!

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Apolitical. No affiliation. Same with me before 2016. Give us time to catch up brother!

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