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This is outrageous and we need to actually stand up for this kid. A MAJOR March should take place outside this DAs home and see how HE likes it. No violence, but a Million AR March would send a huge message.

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This is fucked up!!!

They should know better. They know what fucking shoes to put on that horse!!!

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This ain’t happening. Jesus watch over Dr. Paul. He’s my hero. I love this man. The Godfather O.F. the red pill!

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Totally cool with it. I’d love it. In fact I’m gonna invite some cops over to shoot at my house. I’ll post it online right here for you. In case you have anymore out of context stupid fucking statements to make. Then again, I don’t live next door yo drug dealers. I don’t SHOOT AT COPS. Ever been shot at tough guy? Know what that’s like? It’s unpleasant and it makes keeping track of your rounds difficult.

BTW do you know where the neighbors apartment was in proximity to the target? Did he shoot wildly off to stage left when the shots came from in front? Did he just miss his target because his service weapon had a 12 pound trigger pull?

Educate yourself before you flex nuts on a position you know NOTHING about. I’m all for punishing bad cops, but the emotional bullshit on this site against ALL cops and even cops that make mistakes is fucking gay.

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Gotta say, I’m the male equivalent of this unhappy woman. No kids, a divorce but lots of great beer and a loyal hound dog. I was in heaven. Then I married THIS woman and life is great! Now it’s a hound and a Shepherd! AND she’s based. A lifelong Democrat who despises them now AND voted for Trump in 2016. In a swing state. So there’s hope for these ladies!

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Yet the people who committed assault were NOT detained.

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EXACTLY. I back the blue and all but WHEN WILL THEY START BACKING US?!!! I’m fucking tired of this shit and want to see ANTIFA lives ruined for a goddamn change.

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Joe stuck his ass in the air.

I’d fire every employee

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What kind of arrogant asshole thinks this is a good idea. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY WANT YO TALK TO YOU? Because you’re special? Because he’s a nice guy? He’s NOT. Neither are you. They’re looking to make their case. Period. Just shut the fuck up. DON’T BE THAT ASSHOLE. There’s no reason for you to talk to anyone when it could be used as fodder against this kid.

Jesus fucking Christ is EVERYONE a fucking narcissist these days?

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Why do they literally think we literally care that they’re shaking! They need to grow the hell up.

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