KAG_Hawk 16 points ago

F the Chinese shills, pushing their BS propaganda... CCP News Network is pure evil at this point.

KAG_Hawk 17 points ago (edited)

"Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen...."


"Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen..."

KAG_Hawk 6 points ago (edited)

Hell yeah - the swagger of FREEDOM!

That GIF is awesome. FU tyrants and Karens!

KAG_Hawk 4 points ago

I sure hope more will follow soon - I'm so sick of good people getting screwed over by his arbitrary and unconstitutional edicts. The economy (and the people) can't take much more of this crap.

The Dems are truly the party of evil.

KAG_Hawk 3 points ago (edited)

Moved up here from the East Bay Area in CA. Was a bit young to remember the roads much down there, but I've heard my parents echo that sentiment.

Still could be much better up here, though.

KAG_Hawk 8 points ago

It's been going on since before my family moved here in 1998. And they'll still be working on it for another 50 years.

I-5 near the Dome is still an incoherent patchwork of constant construction. Every week, there's a new, confusing reconfiguration. Lord help you when it rains in the dark, because the lanes are very difficult to see, and are as narrow as hell. Not my favorite stretch of road - thank goodness I don't have to drive it every day.

WSDOT is one of the WORST managed transportation agencies in the nation. For as much money as they get, we should have world-class roads.

KAG_Hawk 4 points ago (edited)

Oh thank you, gracious and benevolent King Insreeeee. /s

Seriously though - this is good to hear, but why was construction ever stopped to begin with?

KAG_Hawk 3 points ago

One of my favorite moments of the presser.

"Stop the misbehavior, children!"

KAG_Hawk 8 points ago

Geez, that's crazy - he had some real courage to do this. Thanks for the insight.

KAG_Hawk 16 points ago (edited)

Yeah I know. Was just in shock that a county sheriff here on the west side had the balls to do that.

It gives the rest of us Washingtonians some hope against the Tyrant.

KAG_Hawk 21 points ago

I was going to say... what county?

So it isn't completely hopeless here in the Western half.

Pierce County, do it next!

KAG_Hawk 46 points ago

So true. What has this country become?

I want my FREEDOM.

BTW fuck Bill Gates.

KAG_Hawk 3 points ago

Good. Here's to hoping more will jump on the bandwagon.

Let us go back to work, Inslee.

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