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Everything in America is compromised. We are being too naive.

They planned this for 4 years. Planted larps like Tucker, Barr, etc. The courts will side with biden. We are 70+ million strong, and our country is divided.

I was right about Tucker a year and a half ago, I will be right about this. They're all compromised.

Expect the worst, the left is planning far, far worse things for us. They have us all on lists. They want us to kneel or suffer. I'd rather go to war.

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We out man them, out gun them, out tactic them. We will win. The country is divided. KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

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I just want 1776. We'd easily win. The country is divided, there is no peace unless Trump, the lawful winner, resumes power.

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Prepare for exactly this.

The courts aren't throwing out the votes, Biden knows this. They're all compromised.

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Stop teasing me daddy. Do it already. I'm gona....


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Unfortunately this doesn't change anything in my view.

They've had, what, 2 weeks? To take the obvious fakes and discard them and create better looking frauds. 2 weeks to discard the rushed faked ones and replace them with better fakes harder to detect.

We gave them this time. We should have on day 1, had the insurrection act and ordered national troops to do the audit themselves.

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Black rifle Coffee Company shirt. Based.

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Donated myself.

He should never have been in jail.

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Tucker who didn't want to get doxxed himself, wants others to dox witnesses' vital to the biggest fraud our country has seen.


I've said this for nearly 2 years, and it's finally coming true.

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I'm sure this is a gltich..................... said google.

Yeah, this is more fuel to the fire for Trump and his team. Yum!

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At this point, I fear they have fuckery planned in SCOTUS too.

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Let's pray SCOTUS sides with us pedes! The fraud cannot stand!!

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PA is our make it or break it state. If the mail ins come in and are over 700k we lose PA and the victory.

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Remember... they're not voting for bidens son though.....


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Probably not. If we lose it we need to keep GA.

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Yes, but it'll better if he wins without the supreme court. If he goes to the supreme court, they'll need blatant evidence but ACB will hand it to trump.

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