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this is the difference between Trump supporters and the vile left. The end for them ALWAYS justifies the means.

If they were in our shoes, they would be flooding the media with a new narrative about how CV has been shown now to spread like wildfire by postal mail. This would cause a national outcry to shut down the post office "temporarily" for "our own good" - until after the election of course.

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this is an attempt to crash the system, because massive volume will equal massive signature matching disqualifications, which will mean massive delays and then massive lawsuits....

if all this is allowed to be enacted - the latest Dem attempt to destroy our society - it will mean the election is decided by SCOTUS. Which is preferable Im sure in the average Dems mind than allowing it to be decided by voters, since they know they have no chance.

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Im not sure about that.

Thats the thing about smear campaigns. If you go back far enough on anyone, and dig enough, you will always find something smear-worthy, or at least something you can blow up to be smear worthy, even if only partly true or out of context.

The vile left is expert at this, its integral to their playbook.

Trying to wait for a perfect spokesperson for anything is futile.

I just tell my lib acquaintances to stick to the subject at hand. I dont care about her favorite color, her sexual preferences, or her thought on spirituality. She can believe in Demons or lizard people or illuminatis all she wants. All I care about -- ALL ANYONE SHOULD CARE ABOUT is whether or not she is a accredited and licensed physician, and what were her results, and can they be published and peer reviewed. Thats it thats all.

If they CANT be published, she shouldnt open her yap publicly. Or if she does, everyone has a right to question them and accuse her of them being anecdotal. And thats a fair criticism for anyone. They should ALWAYS be keeping copious records, records they can publish and have peer reviewed. This is science 101.

As for this Dr, she had 350 elderly covid positive patients. None of them died. THAT should be easy enough to verify. In the very old, I think the mortality rate is something like 20% or so? If she had ZERO (and that is a decent sized sample), then she already has done something remarkable. I dont care if she did a goddamn rain dance or injected them with demon DNA, we need to know WHAT she did, and can we reproduce it and replicate it.

This is all common sense.

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WOW. the reaction from Big Tech was rapid and VICIOUS.

Taken down everywhere, even the Frontline Physicians website was taken off line by the host!

And to jump up and down on the grave, the ActBlue activists unleashed a MASSIVE smear campaign on the individual doctors, the nigerian one even had prior (kinda weird) beliefs and writings broadcast everywhere.

INCREDIBLE response.

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Im with James - I dont want Trump to do Jack Shit. The worse it gets, the more Trump voters there will be in Nov, and they will vote RED all across the ticket, which we need.

We NEED GOP mayors, GOP Governors, GOP majority city councils, county boards, we need GOP Congressional seats and Senate seats. We know we wont win the lefty states regarding electoral college votes, but we NEED all of the underlying officials to be GOP, not Dem like they are now, which is the source of this nationwide communist insurrection attempt.

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the lockdowns are 100% addressed by this. They forcibly closed peoples means of providing for their families with no valid and proven purpose, and dont kid yourselves, the masks mandates are all just preambles to this - more lockdowns.

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unfortunately, he can only force this to happen on the federal portion of collected education taxes, which is only about 10% of the total.

Most education funding is done at the state level, and is funded primarily via county collected property taxes. Therefore, the states have to be the ones to make these reforms happen. Guess what color states are unlikely to return jack shit to parents no matter what?

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unfortunately the left "finished" about 30 years ago.

What we all are seeing and have participated in with Trump is a modern Whiskey Rebellion.

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but there are only 2 options:

Either play whackamole, jumping from one client-server system to the next, and being DDOSd and harassed each time until shutdown, or going P2P, figuiriong out best-fit performance architecture, and being secure at the cost of performance.

Its one or the other. Just as the mods had TD.W in process because they knew Reddit was going to kick them eventually, I HOPE they are already under way with a failover / fallback for this site (and again my suggestion would be a permanent P2P rather than just the next whackamole client-server setup) - because right now, as we have seen already, it IS vulnerable, And will only be MORE of a target in the future, not less.

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that is true and always going to be true.

P2P, just as I said, will never match the performance of client-server.

BUT, what it does have is robustness. I CANT be killed, it cant be brought down via DDOS, nor any other known means. And IMO conservatives need survivability more than we need raw speed.

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according to the CDC, in kids age 5-14, there have been 13 deaths thru june.


  1. Nationwide. Kids literally die more often from 100 other things, COVID is .7% of the deaths in that range. And for high schoolers the numbers are similar, but they conveeeeniently attempt to lump in age 15-24 together.

Regrdless, there is NEGLIGIBLE risk to students, THAT is what the data says - far less than seasonal flu they all faced every year.

In fact, the fatality risk doesnt get worse than seasonal flu until you get to the over-75 age mark, which means that not only does the available science say kids generally DONT spread corona, even the few that do to faculty or staff arent at any more risk than they were every OTHER year (that wasnt a presidential Trump year facing a communist insurrection) - how may teachers are over 75? And how many kids live under the same roof as 75 year olds?

they would have to be grandparents in most cases. This isnt Japan, most grandparents DONT live with school age children.

IOW there is NO SCIENCE based justification for these school closures, and you can see that because its only leftists, including all their tentacles such as the unions, pushing it.

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How can they do that. i thought the state ORDERED all school departments to open beginning Aug. My school department delayed until the last day, Aug 31st. The leftists are fighting tooth and nail.

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the case will be "randomly assigned" to either the honorable Amy Berman Jackson or the honorable Judge Emmitt Sullivan..

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BTW, all systems that are built on P2P architecture are UNSTOPPABLE.

All conservative platforms (chat, search, web, video, social, whatever) SHOULD be built on P2P. Its (the architecture and design anyway) all available, some such as Bitchute as an example, already exists in up-and-running form.

That means the ONLY point of potential failure is DNS, which is super tough to defeat, although the enemy would certainly breach that wall too eventually. The good news is that P2P only actually relies on IP addresses, so if and when worse comes to worse, all conservative assets are always still available via IP, and its even possible for the DNS systems to be done P2P (current Name Server architecture actually IS P2P, its just that the very top level domain hosts are subject to attack/compromise/shutdown by totalitarian entities).

This is the only long-term solution. YES, it has performance drawbacks. P2P distributed serving of anything will never match the performance of a local server machine serving the content right to clients.

But in a long term view fight for survival, P2P is the only architecture that can and will survive, it cannot be beaten.

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yes, bitchute. it is P2P, cant be taken down. This site should ALSO eventually go to a P2P architecture.

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Even Cloudflare can be overwhelmed.

I dont know if yesterday was DDOS or internal server issues.

If what we saw was actually DDOS that "beat" cloudflare, the only long term step to harden against that is to become a P2P hosted site. That design DOES exist, and is not vulnerable to DDOS. It literally cannot be beaten.

I hope mods are at least giving this design some thought if in fact it was a DDOS we have been seeing.

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the mods should already be in the process of setting up a peer-to-peer version of TD.W.

peer-to-peer hosting is a thing, and its the only reliable way to make sure it isnt taken down or offline, EVER. Any single point of failure system is vulnerable, even proxy systems like Cloudflare are just essentially multiple-host mirrors, they can still be overwhelmed one by one. Only peer-to-peer is robust and can never be DDOSd to death. That leaves the next failure point DNS, but there are many ways to harden that to being near impervious (as well as being distributed), and even if that WAS eventually targeted, IP addressing would work on the peer-to-peer host anyway...

Again, a P2P host is the only way to survive long term.

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you have the right - the DUTY - to remove said governors. There are RECALL procedures, in state legislature there are impeachment/removal procedures, there are elections

Dont bitch about it online, do what you CAN do. Obviously if you organize and do it as a group not an individual, it is more effective.

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