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This is kind of how I add in my head, but the wording is all wrong. Should be "how do you make 10 in the process of adding these two numbers to reach a final sum.

I find groups of ten can be stacked in my head easier if you think of them as a single object rather than sums of ones.

Regardless, an easier explanation is communist dumbing down

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Dems: "Isn't it true that [blatant lie]?"

Barr: "No, because..."

Dems: "I reclaim my time! I repeat, isn't it true that [blatant lie]?"

Barr: "No, and let me explain why..."

Dems: "I reclaim my time! I see that you dont want to answer my question." So therefore: [blatant lie]"

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be polite you didn't blame me The condiments do not open anything is very rude

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You're not missing anything. It's a liberal funhouse.

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Sounds about right...wasn't the Epstein coroner the same as G Floyd? If so, probably deep state related...there was a blackout in NYC that day?

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Looks like it's available.

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So the people from CHAZ are CHAZIs? Sounds oddly familiar.

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Thanks, I noticed it was stickied right after I asked

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Is her court interview going to be streamed?

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That's honestly where I thought it was going. I had the sound off so it looked like some sort of reenactment.

Side note, I had a layover in Minneapolis this past autumn and thought the vibe seemed exceptionally tense in the race relations area

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Need an executive order mandating the country of manufacture be listed front and center, and preferably as a search filter.

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