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I'd imagine most don't actually realize they are being played by mega corporations and globalist agenda think tanks. Controlling the masses to buy more product is the only goal. Or buy product that tracks you and keeps your ass in line. Can't have people learning skills like cutting firewood or planting seeds. Just strap an iPhone to their face and bombard with messages of the day. Much easier.

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Whoa buddy. The founding fathers never imagined Valspar Signature Ultra red satin latex paint. Nobody needs that kinda premium coating.

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Fucking asshole white slave owners. Mother fuckers left us with all kinds of problems. Naw mean?

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To further the game, try to find a poundable pussy.

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Deport watermelon.

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Omg the Android reviews are so obviously fake. I use to be a heavy phone gamer and app bombing, farming, trolling etc are easy to spot. My fave not respond though which is a clear cut bot response

"The app took 3 days to download! Never again! Uninstall!"

This app is minimal as fuck. It's not a game or heavy app. It took 3 seconds to download. Come on android, let's see some moderation on the store please. This is pathetic.

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Regardless, I see north Korea showing footage all day stating the mighty US has fallen. All hail Kim jung pootang!

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12 year old arrested for racist tweets, hol up, lemme guess. England?

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They already are coming for us for self defense. Plenty of proof just this last week or two.

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Entire agency needs disbanded. Cushy jobs and pensions to hunt down garage door handles. Or kill Americans in raids. All in a day's work.

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I'll back ya up. Everyone still goes on family plans and bundles with mega carriers because it's "easy". They set you up with 20 iPhones for the fam and it seems like a good deal.

But it's not. The cost is spread out over the contract term and you essentially still bought 20 iPhones. Me and wife stopped that stupid shit years ago and buy our phones new unlocked from anybody but apple. I'd even buy an American made phone but yeah, that's not a thing.

TracFone offers cheap ass smart phone service for practically nothing. Once you realize your don't need unlimited data in your pants pocket at all times you can just get a talk and text plan for literal dollar bills. But wut ev.

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Snopes: Is Wayfair Trafficking Children Via Overpriced Items?

False: They're online pricing is competitive.

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