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If someone did that coin toss to decide something as insignificant as who’s buying the next round of beers, you would kick their ass.

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Fucking love this place. Keep putting the screws to em.

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You don’t succeed unless you join the red shoes club.

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Yeah, fat poor people could simply eat less food, even if that claim were true. They are eating a calorie surplus, and this is a thermodynamic “science fact”

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Is it one of those hotels that bills by the hour?

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Just for shits and giggles, I wonder if anyone can track down any records of Michael Robinson. If it is true that Michelle Obama is that guy, then when did the paper trail of Michael go cold?

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“Here’s why that’s a good thing...”

“There’s a lot to unpack here..”

“Big oof, Jeff. Posting right wing extremist talking points that haven’t been certified by CNN? That’s gonna be a big ‘yikes’ from me, sweaty...”

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Super spreader event? I didn’t know Gretchen Whitmer was going to speak there.

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Lmao love the threat about knocking out the guy’s teeth.. next time. What a fucking pussy.

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You should consider a switch to helicopter sales. Or rope sales even.

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Well first he will start to give hormone blockers.

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