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Don't get complacent, this isn't 2016.

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GTA was right about the FBI's corruption and uselessness lol

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Then they have the nerve to act like they care more about science than conservatives..

They only care about putting their feelings above science and change it to fit their agenda

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People on this sub have a hard on for Kavanaugh and then he does this..

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What's up with jews in the US? They seem to be behind lots of the leftist nonsense that's going on.

But at the same time leftists don't like Israel so wtf?

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If they don't have copies then this whole thing is useless

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No we just need Trump to get rid of the cucks and get some MAGA people in there.

The FBI is still needed, they are just useless right now because Obama turned them into leftists

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That won't stop them..there are already way more leftists than conservatives on social media.

They don't need us, in fact they would be happy because leftists love their echo chambers. Reddit for an example has almost no conservatives left (Twitter has more)

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Leftists won't argue it, they are actually happy that Big tech is protecting Biden.

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No doubt. I was never religious before the far left took over but I realize that its needed. Christianity gives people certain morals and lines they don't cross.

Without it there is no limit to human degeneracy. We need to stop these people before they promote pedo's (that's next)

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Social media was a mistake no doubt. It gave retards a voice and a place to gather. Before social media no one would have taken the lgb+ degeneracy (tranny kids, pronouns etc.), anti white hate, toxic masculinity etc. seriously.

Now because the same few thousand people on Twitter obsess over all that and force the rest to accept it.

It should die ASAP

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Republicans apart from Trump are cucks..they are the reason we are in this mess

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Useless hearing..they are still censoring the Biden corruption story.

Republicans are so weak, no wonder democrats keep winning the culture war

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