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and don't cover the kids eyes!! let the ultimate consequence of treason or murder sink in!!

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this was in Wauwatosa, WI during the Floyd riots. To be frank I do not care where or why.. that was a citizen being assaulted by the blue!

Wauwatosa Police Department 1700 N 116th Street Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Non Emergency (414) 471-8430 [email protected]

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It seemed a bit unusual but the amount of DDoS they get at times makes it probable

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it took damn near a minute for my post to finally appear on the thread..

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good riddance! once a company is on my shitlist, I NEVER go back!

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More convenient "oooops, simple mistake".. Always in Bidens favor no less

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They were sticking out of the top of the damn bins! Cellphone pics on the other side of the parking lot picked up the contents.. That argument won't fly!

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Weren't concerned last week shredding all those ballot envelopes!! F em! Can't backpedal now traitors!!!

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