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Fascist backstep HEEE HEEEE

Needs to moonwalk back and then wink at the camera, with an air horn blaring

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He shouldn’t be running for President likely drugged up and yet we don’t even allow drug testing for the most important job in the US... yet here we are. How can anyone refuse a drug test for a job?

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Only correction is there won’t be any commercials... NOOOO JOE WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GET DRUGS BETWEEN???

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No it’s Sans from Undertale a video game

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That was some good quality meme-ing! I wonder if he frequents TD?

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this is so huge

you can tell when leftists are REEE’ing, you are over the mark

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Mr. Ellison, who represents a larger Black constituency than other councilors, dismissed criticism that there should have been more public input. “It’s important that you engage your own morality with some of these decisions,” he said. “And if you make the wrong call, then look, sometimes that’s the price of trying to be courageous.”

Seems like a great text under a pile of bones from Communist or Socialist regimes.” Look, sometimes thats the price of trying to be courageous.”

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TransAge, my mind is 50 years older than my body so I have age dysphoria and possibly need surgery to create wrinkles and to smoke 20 packs of cigarettes/day to accelerate aging

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If it does the topics for 1st debate are the following:

  1. The Trump and Biden Records
  2. The Supreme Court
  3. Covid-19
  4. The Economy
  5. Race and Violence in our Cities
  6. The Integrity of the Election
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What about social distancing? I thought this is a pandemic

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I’m sure the prosecutors will move to try rejecting the admissibility of the video...

Love/hate relationship with lawyers

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