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This actually makes a strong case for the right to support defunding the police too. Clearly they're useless to both sides. On the one hand, they allow rioters to burn cities to the ground, loot, and murder at will. On the other hand, they steal weapons from law abiding citizens who defend their property from said looters and murderers in direct violation of the constitution of the united states. They're enemies of both sides.

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Totally agree, it constantly seeks to “liberate” institutions where whites are considered dominant just because they are the dominant group. Same with men, Christians, heterosexual, etc ‘anything with a hegemony must be destroyed since all power is oppressive’.

Except abuses of power are individualistic and not prejudiced by race, sex, etc

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Very satisfying read, would recommend 10/10

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Are there betting odds up anywhere?

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It’s happening locally across the country in a cultural revolution- critical theory world view religion, favor the non whites (oppressed) and ignore the whites (oppressors). Real tiring the lack of critical thinking involved with this mob like frenzy

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They are stuck either voting for the “old white guy” the democrats said to vote for en block OR vote for the oppressed one because he is black/non trump

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If (race= ‘non-white’ OR racepride=‘non-white’ )

{ Vandalism=False }

Else { Vandalism=True }

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False, too much white. The color pallets should not contain any white, or if it is white it should be text clarified as Asian.

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Leftists think the Donald doesn’t have humor and is always angry

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Surgeons, police, civil engineers, etc where lives are on the line if not qualified?

White? 🛑 ✋

Non-white? Go ahead!

I just say non-white, that’s what Critical Theory folks (intersectionality, white provledge, toxic masculinity, etc) mean. Don’t use POC. Person of color has been collectively identified by Black, Asian (wtf?), Indian, Arab, etc in that POC term... say it with me;

non-white <- POC

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look fat, you know I love it when kids go on my lap... my lap

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Well it never happened, OP was seeing things. Remember how Reddit says that the oppressed never commit felonies? Or commit crimes?

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I can do better (worse) offered to work in San Francisco in 2016...

Fuck that. Smelled piss on my way to the in person interview

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Usually you say I am Joe Biden, Lily is my wife.

Oh man, with his slurring....

He is a big mess.

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