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Another strong indication that the only way Biden can win is through corruption and ballot fraud.

Unions speaking up and supporting Trump needs to happen elsewhere, if they want their middle class existence to continue.

Socialists take guns first, then eliminate all but the working poor and upper class.

Under Biden, Cops and Firefighters will be seen as no more than fancier garbage men, social pariahs and with stripped benefits and financial compensation.

The same attacks they are now making on our Special Forces Units.

Socialists/Leftists : "Navy SEALs are not elite units, they are no more special or better than any Sailor in the Navy." -- from one of the more recent Angry Cops uploads on YouTube

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Found the P.O. or Counselor.

The DoD sent to a test location with this hot Specialist and she saw someone she knew there (hot contractor with pale skin and red ponytail) and they kept chatting outside the bathroom door about leave coming up and their plans for sandy beaches and bikinis to get away from the cold.

Hot Redhead : "This one in pink makes my boobs look so good, but it came with a thong and I don't know if I am brave enough to wear it."

Hot Specialist : "You are so lucky to have smaller ones, mine are all underwire and dig in like crazy to keep these girls contained!"

(Notices I have not come out with my urine sample yet, knocks on door)

"You need to hurry up Sir or they will fail you for taking so long!"

Me : "How am I supposed to be soft enough to piss while listening to you two talk about your tits in bikinis!"

Her : "Oh. Sorry. You heard that? We will be quiet."

My Dick : "Don't look at me that way, they sound fucking hot!"

Told my better half about it later that night and she laughed her ass off, with your hearing and love of the idea of two women at once, it must have been brutal. Ha! Ha!

The women in the unit talked about it for quite a while, and poked fun when I entered a room, "Careful ladies, just the sound of us talking is enough!"

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Why are you so obsessed with having under age boys serve you? Teen boys must be terrified of getting their yearly exams from you.

We don't use kids to play a morning round of 36 holes, we drive golf carts, use laser range finders to keep the play fast and enjoyable and tip the cart girls for holding the pin with a smile.

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Racoons are not to be messed with when provoked. Ask any dog owner in the country. A group of them will take off a hunting dogs face when cornered.

It is why they hunt with more than one dog and teach them to tree raccoons, not fight them.

That being said, guard raccoons for the White House? Awesome idea!

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The Secret Service needs to be inside the control room and tossing tables if they start playing with POTUS like that. Torturing Trump, how is that not a federal felony?

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I like it. Accurate and politically safe from ridicule.

Leftists : "Who's in the circle?!?!"

Loyal Americans : "You tell us, you put them there."

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Their military is at it's zenith and everyone knows it. They very soon will not have enough men to operate the equipment they already have.

Many in China believe that a limited global war with the West in the next decade is the only way to ensure they remain a super power in the East.

Hitler believed similarly, that Britain and the United States would have no taste for war and would sue for peace as losses began mounting in the early years.

China believes that NATO will fall like a house of cards, given the social unrest in the West and the animosity they have sown, pitting Western peoples against each other, nations seeing neighbors as the real threat and NEVER China.

As far as Russia goes, they are willing to sit the next one out and share the spoils with China when the dust settles. Just look at their oil and gas deals with China for a glimpse at their most likely wartime allegiances.

Europe will be starved of everything it needs to continue as a modern economy, via Asian embargoes and Russia turning off the natural gas and oil.

The coming years are reminiscent of the build up to WWII.

Nations stuck in economic positions that can only be solve by military action.

See : Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in response to our ending oil and scrap metal imports to their economy. Asians are pragmatic, war is on the horizon.

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It is exactly how it happened in China.

Teens and twenties turning in their parents and grandparents, while waving a little red book of new rules.

Today that little red book is an IPhone.

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Top left looks more like an allergic response.

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The Leftists love, love to espouse their superior logic and reasoning, this one is going to sting a little.

Conservatives : "You want special rights for your group, preferring you in all things/matters/decisions?"

Leftists : "Yes!!!"

Conservatives : "So equal rights needs to be repealed?"

Leftists : "You are twisting it! We are marginalized!!!"

Conservatives : "Uh. Huh."

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I'm tall too and keep fit, I fear no civilian, even in Metro-Detroit because I behave, quick to smile and am polite, keeping my hands to myself, holding doors open and helping get things for people from tall shelves while shopping.

See a cop within 100 yards? No thanks, me and mine will steer well clear.

I don't want to get shot for being bigger and taller than them. The force continuum they use is no joke. Built guys get shot with bullets, not tazers.

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You are talking about a burble tune, not a muffler design.

Look up StreetSpeed717 on YouTube.

He has his cars tuned to sound like automatic gunfire when he lets off the gas.

His neighbors on the side roads near his house, suffer greatly, day in and day out.

"Ha! Ha! Listen to those POPS!!!"

My better half : "He is such a child."

Me : "Yup, he and Matt from Demo Ranch need to collab. It would be so cringe."

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Exactly this. Even if the mass air sensor fails, the ECU (brain of the car) reverts back to a factory default RICH fuel map.

Lean mixtures backfire from incorrect timing.

Timing sensor (crank and/or cam) fails in a modern car, it stops running immediately. Crank all you want, it will not backfire, let alone start.

The crooked in this matter, need to update their excuses, they are pure 1970's garbage.

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There you go projecting again, being a creepy old Dentist musing about enjoying the company of underage boys on his boat. Do you drug their soda pop?

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The Secret Service collects his hair after he gets a trim... you can bet on it.

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No one with a single working brain cell, would invest in a company/project where the leadership wasn't employing competent accountants to maximize profits by paying only the tax required by law.

The Leftists are crying about a practice they would scream about if it were not done for their own tax returns.

"Rules for me and not for thee!" Democrats/Socialists in a nutshell.

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Median is : 5.5 inches

Women prefer 7-8 inches.

Google Image Search : Penis Size Preference Chart

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Grown men in tight uniforms, sweating and grunting, pawing at each other is what straight women and gay men are interested in watching on television.

I prefer watching bikini clad women catching fish, over any of that nonsense.

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The intelligence community has go/no go maps.

Mafia/Government corrupt 1st Generation Immigrant dominated Metro-Detroit, taking bribes and ripping off tax payers? No Go.

White county in Nebraska, all with family lineage back to the 1800's in the same town, flying American flags, talking about guns? Go! Go! Go!

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