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OK Looser is also a good one!

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Also, OK, Looser is a good one too.

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How many illegals are in the country. Last legit number was 11M from 2000. How many have crossed since? It is probably between 20-30M now. These illegals can't vote, but thier kids can. How many kids are now just starting to turn 18, with the ability to vote. Why are democrats offering free Healthcare to illegals. It is not to get the parents vote, but to get the kids to vote, for thier parents best interest.

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We need to save this thread, and use it when the time comes. They are doing the work for us.

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Watch "Hot and Crazy MATRIX / Cute and Money MATRIX" on YouTube.

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Does anybody know what the maximum number of saved posts is? I think the max was 1000 on reddit.

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There will be a Mass Tax Revolt before Bernie comes close to achieving any if the things he has proposed.

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People can use OK Looser in return.

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Watch "You Can't Stump the Trump (Volume 4)" on YouTube

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Will there eventually be subwins? As is subreddits. For various interests such as guns, cars, art, cooking, tv, etc.

We can start our own reddit. No censorship. No porn. The people will flock to freedom. Just like they always do. All throughout history. It we do, then this will become the new reddit.

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We will start our own reddit. No censorship. No porn. The people will flock to freedom. Just like they always do. All throughout history.

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Look into MBTI personality types. Some people make decisions based on feelings (mostly liberals) some on thinking/logic (mostly conservatives).

The media manipulates through emotion. They have found what works and have been doing it for multiple decades, possibly even centuries. Kids in cages. Greta, a little girl designed to emotionally manipulate people into increasing thier taxes.

Conservatives make decisions based on logic so they can see through all the Bullshit.

Ask them one thing Trump has done to make America worse. They won't be able to answer. That's when you tell them they're are a victim. A victim of social media propaganda. Hopefully it will cause them to reconsider some things. Syria dead child on beach picture. Etc

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Can you add save post option please.

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Would it be possible for team to add post image option, and the image folder on phone comes up? Where do I recommend idea.

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Same, I would post things but it's as I was being shadow banned or something, because I would only get 1 upvote.

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Will we be to save posts at one point.

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She is an actress. She is given a script, told to act all angry and upset, with the sole purpose of emotionally manipulating people into supporting increasing thier own taxes, aka money grab for the government.

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