JoePCool14 4 points ago

I'm betting on something international. China perhaps...

JoePCool14 11 points ago

I've been calling them muzzles since day one.

JoePCool14 10 points ago

She is a massive flip-flop. She probably learns the tactics from Mr. Dr. Prof. Fauci. I hope Gov. Kemp continues to help regain control on Atlanta.

JoePCool14 40 points ago

To be honest, that's impressive that 15% of Muslims would vote for him.

JoePCool14 4 points ago

You can tell he's thirsty for communist tears.

JoePCool14 61 points ago

In the most literal sense of the word... we're living out 1984.


JoePCool14 21 points ago

That's great! We have the Six Squares of Socialism signs in my area as I call them. I'm strongly considering making a MAGA parody version to look really similar and then putting them up around town.

JoePCool14 4 points ago

Oh I assure you I'm not defending her. She's horrible. She was the one who literally said quote "Pledge to the NEW WORLD ORDER."

JoePCool14 2 points ago

I wouldn't really recommend Change.org. But I support keeping the name of course. They'll probably cave anyways...

JoePCool14 1 point ago

Of course they'd try to get Jesus. They hate Jesus Christ. These people are the Devil's army.

If they were actually successful in tearing that down, I think the Lord might have had enough and unless something big.

JoePCool14 4 points ago

I will cut a minor amount of slack to Larry Lightfoot on the left there. She only became mayor of Chicago in May 2019. So, the whole year isn't on her.

Doesn't excuse her or the rest though, I know!

JoePCool14 30 points ago

I just love people like this man, who aren't afraid to go out in person and say this kind of stuff. Questioning the narrative. You just love to see it.

JoePCool14 16 points ago

LMAO, it's not enough to ban everything. They have double ban Confederate and Nazi flags just to make sure they get special mention.

They probably would be fine if they unbanned BLM Inc. flags.

JoePCool14 7 points ago

On behalf all other Illinois pedes, I apologize to my fellow Wisconsin pedes for this LOSER coming to your great state.

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