JoePCool14 [S] 1 point ago

Fuck dough boy! He's a tyrant POS. Not enough people call him out.

JoePCool14 [S] 4 points ago

Don't let that go on. You have to stop it now before it's too late.

JoePCool14 [S] 9 points ago

Why is this still not a thing?

JoePCool14 [S] 3 points ago

Pearson is horrible. And from what I've heard from my college professors, they're horrible to work with from their end as well. Their websites barely function.

JoePCool14 [S] 3 points ago

How nice it would be to have a daughter that wonderful. Hopefully later in my life I'll have that chance myself. But hopefully also with a mother there to help. God bless you.

JoePCool14 [S] 1 point ago

Illinois pede here, I bet my state will probably join in on this authoritarian dick measuring contest very soon. Gonna ignore the hell out of it though if they do.

JoePCool14 [S] 2 points ago

It is possible to date them and bring them a healthy dose of redpill.

JoePCool14 [S] 37 points ago

Lockdowns admittedly don't work overnight. They really take a couple weeks or more to really start to become effective. All the people who contracted a few days ago might not notice until later into the lockdown.

Note: I am not for lockdowns. They are authoritarian and unnecessary.

JoePCool14 [S] -2 points ago

Gonna cite a source on this?

JoePCool14 [S] 2 points ago

You guys are doing a lot of great work on this site, and I really, really am grateful for it. But can we please, please increase the size of the comment vote buttons already? People have been asking for this since day 1.

JoePCool14 [S] 5 points ago

This thing will never go away! Where can I get my Hillary vaccine?

JoePCool14 [S] 11 points ago

Movie theaters =/= Pedowood. There are a lot of small, independent movie theaters out there that are merely showing films, employing people and ultimately stimulating the economy. They deserve our help. Hollywood on the other hand...

JoePCool14 [S] 8 points ago

This will be his biggest test, and I hope he and his team as well as all of us can do it. God bless our country.

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