Jobu567 2 points ago

or if I hear "we are all in this together" again. Fuck off.

Jobu567 8 points ago

I've cussed in front of a couple of my patients too, but they feel the same way as me. We are both pissed that we both have to wear masks.

Jobu567 31 points ago

I'd rather have someone else than hannity. He lost me after he michigan patriots incident.

Jobu567 6 points ago

You all help me keep sane too. Was furloughed for 2 months, started getting depressed because I have always worked. Back at work, and the riots happen. It's like you lose all hope, but then I come here, and my spirits are lifted. Thank you all. It's a pleasure being in this battle beside you all, albeit behind a keyboard, but I'm ready if things get worse.

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