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Bought an F250 Platinum last year. Love it. After 20 years of GM trucks I’m never going back. Piss on the social justice warrior pedocrats at GM.

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It doesn’t know what sex it is, but it’s an expert in Psychiatry and behavioral health

Wolf commended Levine's nearly three decades of experience in pediatrics, psychiatry, and behavorial health, saying, "It is important to me that we place equal emphasis on behavioral and physical health issues." Levine is a leader in treating teens with medical and psychological problems as well as both children and adults with eating disorders, according to Philadelphia.

the trans Physician General

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I would like to believe that this would be the ultimate red pill.......Unfortunately, I don’t believe the TDS infected have the capacity to change.

Realistically we can only hope this serves as yet another proof that we’re on the right side of things.

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This is the truth that nobody that doesn’t MAGA doesn’t understand. Trump isn’t special because he’s a billionaire. He’s cultivated a following because he “gets it”.

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All the dim candidates, in one way or another, are truly unelectable. There’s not a single one left that’s not deeply flawed.

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Yeah. His shoes flew off. We know what that means.


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He’s never even had a real job. He has no practical experience. Can’t really even hold it against him for being so ignorant.

He’s a product of our political system.

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I knew as soon as I heard about her being picked out of the blue on the radio that it sounded odd. Without ever seeing her or knowing anything about her, I knew this was about...

A: Money B: Pussy or C: Both

I wasn’t wrong.......

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Never. The Republican Party doesn’t represent us. They are the same song, different verse. They are worried about the same thing all politicians are worried about, staying elected. The media has convinced them that if they are mean to dems then the voters will throw them out. They are so ass backwards and totally insulated in their Washington bubble. How can they not see that they are doing the opposite of what would make us love them.

Look at how the rinos squandered the Tea Party momentum. Useless....

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I hope Virginia passes every one of those unconstitutional laws. Maybe then the people will wake up and realize that if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. Stop voting for democrats.

Either way, I’m tired of this slow walk toward inevitable tyranny. Let’s get this shit over with. We dance around things like gun bans but we’re drifting steadily toward the cancelling of our constitution and the infringement on our Rights. Meanwhile, the normies sleepwalk through life allowing these bloodsucking lefties to gain power. It’s just a slow boil, while all the frogs swim around in the pot oblivious to the ultimate outcome.

I’d just as soon have it out tomorrow. I’m afraid my kids will be so conditioned to this death by a thousand cuts that they won’t even fight back when the time comes.

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This is the point nobody gets. It’s not about “climate change”, it’s not about “environmental issues” either. Its about a global political agenda. Their “green” talk is just a tool used to implement their new world order.

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America’s mother-in-law

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Is there a “too far right”? Really?

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Seems like the appropriate place to make my first comment............Feels good man!