Jikemenkins [S] 6 points ago

Im guessing mil-spec burst or auto trigger groups? Or AK pattern trigger groups?

Jikemenkins [S] 2 points ago

You have EXCELLENT fucking taste in firearms, sir! Very nice!

Jikemenkins [S] 1 point ago

What is this from?

Jikemenkins [S] 3 points ago

I'm thinking more likely an industrial explosion. Could be chemicals or petroleum products, or even rocket propellant or munitions precursors. Just following my gut, haven't checked in on the story yet this morning.

Jikemenkins [S] 0 points ago

I suppose. We'll see what the story looks like in 48 hours.

Jikemenkins [S] 6 points ago (edited)

Negative. Not characteristic of a nuke blast. The intensity in the video builds slowly to peak, then fades. A nuke blast peaks instantly with a brilliant flash, then quickly diminishes into a growing fireball.

Jikemenkins [S] -1 points ago

This video is fake news. There is no significant body of water or river in Tehran. This video clearly has a reflection off a body of water. Beware...

Jikemenkins [S] 3 points ago

Bro you're confused about where you are, and what the purpose of this place is. This is a 24/7 HIGH ENERGY TRUMP RALLY! Have fun, sing the praises of the President, and add your enthusiasm to the pot and share that enthusiasm with others. Anything less and you're outside the scope of this site.

Here, let me help you...


Jikemenkins [S] 12 points ago


Maybe someday you will learn how to WIN?!

Jikemenkins [S] 3 points ago

OP, you're fighting the good fight deep in cuck territory... Your city need serious help. Godspeed my friend. I wish you all the best.

Jikemenkins [S] 5 points ago

I got direct eye contact with a finger pointed right at me from pence, in Toledo. My heart skipped a beat!

Jikemenkins [S] 3 points ago

Agree. We need less incarceration and more public lashings, and more capital punishment

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