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What about White Genocide in South Africa? What about white farmers getting hacked to pieces on their own land? Does any other race ever care about whites? We have whites who will give up their lives to save other races but what about their own? White people are a minority in the world as a whole so when will we get special treatment? When there is only a handful of us left? The white race is attacked more than ANY other race in the world today but no one cares. Its sickening. The term racist as no meaning anymore thanks to the democrats. If someone calls me racist for caring about my own people then I guess I racist.

And I care about all people really but White genocide IS a thing. They are attacking our heritage or cultures or heros our entertainment EVERYTHING. Its sickening.

JeanGrey 13 points ago

I was actually awake when I was given the vision. I saw a vision of the Lord. He appeared to me in a way I would understand but I knew it was him. His eyes were lit up like two suns and he was very angry at Obama. Long story short I saw Obama Manipulating things behind the scenes. I saw racial division. I saw ANTIFA taking over blocks. I saw the riots. You're gonna think this is weird but do you know about the "NPC" meme? God even showed me that!

Obama looked like he was possessed by the devil.

On the bright side God showed me that he was going to go to the white house and "kick butt" so to speak. I didn't know exactly what he meant at the time but boy do I now more than ever.

I'm not sure why God showed me these things but it could be because I have a big mouth and would tell everyone I know about it? I'm not sure lol. But it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

JeanGrey 3 points ago

You're right. Lol.

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Do you really think they should be able to put this shit in kids programming though like Sesame street?

I know parents are responsible for what their own kids watch but the sad reality is many parents use the TV as a baby sitter and don't even pay attention to what their kids watch. I just don't want a generation of souless humorless Marxists in the future. God what a nightmare.

JeanGrey 4 points ago

Thanks for proving my point jack ass. You really are clueless. So much hostility.

If you're white and you love your culture you get shit on. Case in point.

I'm a woman and if you're a white man I will call you a clueless cuck.

How about stop turning every white male role model for kids into another race or a chick? How about we STOP affirmative action and let people hire THE BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB?!

Why do I even bother? The "white man is the devil" Is so ingrained in society that I guess I can't blame you for being an idiot.

JeanGrey 10 points ago

That dynamic is such a turn off. What woman wants to be some losers mommy? Only alpha men for me lol.

JeanGrey 6 points ago

This is s dream come true.

JeanGrey 55 points ago

I'm a woman myself and it blows my mind that most women are so easily led astray. Like most people I see wearing masks are women wtf. I don't wanna sound like a religious nut but my faith in Jesus gives me courage. Honestly I would like to go back to the good old days where the men were leaders. I'm lucky that the man in my life is a total Trump supporting, gun toting, strong and masculine manly man who wants to lead. But many men today really don't. So not sure how I feel about women not voting as there are still tons of soy boys today who would vote the same way lol.

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I may agree with you but he was way before my time, sorry lol. I could not resist Tennants awesome hair and big brown eyes lol. He was just too adorable to me haha. Sorry fan girl moment.

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I'm still pissed at what they did to Doctor Who. I loved the 9th and 10th Doctors so much and I admit I had a major crush on David Tennant lol. Matt Smiths Era was OK. It was all down hill from there. Now it's Doctor Woke, where only weird femnazis and anyone with an abnormal sexual identity is allowed to be a fan. Sorry for the geek rant. Great meme lol.

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Sorry I meant North Hollywood. I stopped at a target on the way home from Studio city where I was visiting a friend. My mistake if the city was not completely accurate. I live on the north east side of the valley.

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