Up until now, I haven't been all that to concerned about the ConVirus coming to get me because I've been keeping myself updated on what's happening. I have a level of faith and trust in this President and I don't watch that much MSM anymore...

TV is mostly useless to me unless it's necessary. But for those who still depend on it, I wish them the best of luck. Like my Mom who still watches all these daily talk shows like 'The View' and this morning, she was kind of freaking out over this ConVirus thing more than usual.

Which I had to put up with and that's fine but this was a crazy morning for me more than usual. See my Mom had a kidney transplant back in 2011 and she's doing great right now. But if she catches the ConVirus she could die from it due to having a low immune system.

The low immune system comes having to take a few pills each day in making sure the body won't reject the kidney.

But having 'President Trump Declare a National Emergency' the way he did helped my Mom to calm down a great deal. This (National Emergency) is a good thing and Trump did a good job easing people's fears.

My Mom is a Trump supporter and this news conference helped a lot... I have to say though she was really surprised when Trump won back in 2016!

Just trying to keep this American family together and so we can survive this one day at a time...

And I'm sorry if I overreacted myself earlier today when typing in comments but this is what I have to deal with right now. Health in my house is a big deal.

So do I think the 2020 elections will be suspended? The answer is no but I keep on getting the feeling that the Left is trying to keep people away from any upcoming Trump rallies?

I'm just recalling what a few reporters said from the other day asking if President Trump has the ConVirus and if he's been tested. And I remember them asking if he'll stop having his rallies...

Just trying to make sense of this.

Will be praying for a worldwide recovery so all this craziness can end and faithful Pedes can walk into Wal-Mart knowing that toilet paper isn't completely sold out!

Watch out because the democrats in Congress were trying to sneak in fed funding, for abortion today and who knows what else and Hillary Clinton was there Twitter spokesperson today.

She pretended the Bill was for supporting ConVirus relief funds but in reality, it supported abortion and who knows what else.

Stay healthy Pedes!


I was never much of a Reddit fan or into any kind of Social Media until 2016.

And the thedonald.win this is a nice a site... My hat off to the Pede developers!

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