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She may not be 100% on the legal team but she dose work along side, with Rudy and that's good enough for me.

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Yes and part of the problem are these so called shills causing distractions and trying to divide us...

I'm all for,



And we should add,


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Yeah I watched it and Trump gave heck of a speech...

Trump 2020 - 2021 - 2022 - 2023 - 2024!

And maybe 4 more years after that? Notice I said maybe...

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This story should be in all the Newspapers across the country...

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Luckily we have archives, local copies, and printed hard copies. Jena Griswold What are you trying to hide...

This information needs to be shared with the 'Trump Legal Team' to anyone who can help pass it along... Would be nice if we could save Colorado to?

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And I do believe after Trump is re-elected he will start by helping people break free from using Masks.

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Yes and we have to remember Masks are not evil, they're just being used in all the wrong ways to be used by evil in order to control the people.

Like Medical masks were not meant to be used in public places, only in closed buildings like the operating room and so on. And the last few months I've seen media on TV showing me how to make a homemade Mask right? Well I learned that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Yes replaced by the Biden special... What a JOKE

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Whay happen

WOW, were have you been these past few days?

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Well Friday night 3 days after the election the network found out she was going to talk about the 2020 election fraud... So if she wasn't really fired her show must have to suspended for the time being.

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Could also print out that information on flyers and broadcast on big screens?

Find doctors who are willing to tell the truth and help spread the word. Basically build a resistance against Masks and allow that movement to grow

For say forcing a child to wear a 'Mask' should be thought of as child abuse?


Planning and organizing is a good start... But if we are to truly fight this thing it must be understood that big tech is the problem in spreading lies/ making people wear Masks.

Search Google and it will tell you why it's a good idea to wear a Mask?

Meet with Doctors who want to help and plan.

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Yeah she got Fox to take her back or else... Best thing for right now.

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Yeah that could work to... And I just had another thought. Like my research we gather more information. The more information we have gives us credibility so we can fight this thing. In fact people who still watch TV and listen to doctors telling them they need to wear a Mask or they'll get sick from the 'Covid Bogeyman' are fearful.

And who do we have to blame for spreading this fear is the Media and Google!

The first step should be to educate people. If people really want to project themselves from Covid they should be wearing protective gloves not Masks.

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