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The commies much be stopped. Trump must win this war for the constitution. Freedom is at stake

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This video should be the top of every search. We should watch it everyday!

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It's crazy this mass media advertisement isn't a joke. The white man is in endangered, being attacked at every angle. We can be hammers or nails. Let's be hammers

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Lock them up. Shit Is about to get real. Trump's at camp David. Operation kraken is proceeding as planned. Arrests are imminent. This War will be won by the righteous

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Flynn can finally testify against dirty dick fag bag obozo. Flynn was the one person obozo was afraid of. Thank you God and Trump Happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to rub this in my retarded family' members faces today Long live the USA

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Maybe the hardware will reveal the true numbers from 16. Turn the Trump train into a starship

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POTUS is securing all possible evidence against the guilty parties. Come the 18th the servers from Germany will be the ๐Ÿ’ on top. I'm thinking POTUS is going to give us the best Christmas ever as the guilty will be spending their holidays behind bars. God bless POTUS, all you Patriots and the USA

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Emmys are for acting. Double speak

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