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Also, when some jogging nagger tries to steal your 12 piece from KFC using his used Hi-Point JHP with extended magazine and you use an actual gun to defend yourself - it's still murder.

It's just defined differently. Justifiable homicide. ;)

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My dick has been up since his refusal to concede you have any idea how much strain this is putting on my heart?

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"There's another settlement that needs our help!"

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It'll be okay, brother. Like Rudy said, these areas are Democrat-ran and Democrat-controlled. Their police are liberal hacks, their sheriff's are libeal hacks, and their local justice systems are liberal hacks. Within every echelon of state government, it's nut-to-butt with Biden dick-riding losers,

No matter how well Trump does in the lower courts, the presidential election MUST end in the highest court. Until that final battle comes, don't let these godless liberal faggots fuck up your day. We will have the last laugh and it will be top five MOST significant elections in our country's history.

Be proud that you and I are around to spread the good word of Kekistan!!

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If they agree to pick it up. Yep.

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That's what true feminism should be. She's a monster and a model American.

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He really has overhauled the VAMC. It used to take months or even a year to get an appointment. Trump may not have started Vet Choice, but he might as well have because it was DOA. Now that he's fixed it, the VA must fit you in within 30 days or else you're pre-approved for outside care!

If there's one thing I could recommend he do in his second term is that if a veteran has an ER visit, the minimum cutoff period for the VA to cover ER expenses shouldn't be 72 hours after discharge. Oh, and the VA also shouldn't EVER refuse an ambulance ride if the veteran produces their VAMC card to the EMTs.

But, Trump can't fix everything in four years. The only promise he's lied to and not kept is that we're not tired of winning.

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Goes to show there ARE democrats that aren't shit-eating mouth-breathers. They're as American as we are. Patriots are red, white, and blue despite what direction they want to go.

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Thank you, king. <3

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Guys, I gotta say I'm feeling better now than I have for weeks about this whole election. I can't be the only one. So much popcorn!

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Neither: it goes to Congress, senate chamber votes on vice president, house chamber votes on president. However, it goes not by number of delegates but by delegation. Each state gets one vote. The 12th describes this, king.

If a state has a majority of its districts red or blue, then that state is constitutionally required to vote red or blue. That's why it's important for you to vote for your house reps and senators during midterms too.

Republicans own far more states than the democrats do.

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Turning the election in the contested states seems to be the less-likely outcome since GEOTUS and Rudy are contesting it due to voter fraud in Dominion software. If it were just mail-in ballots I'd agree with you on this outcome.

But if SCOTUS rules in Trump's favor on software used in 2/3 of the country, including every battleground state, then the whole election MUST be turned to states.

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Sorry, I meant 30 not 37.

But the part about voting along party lines IS very true as it's part of the 12th.

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Yes, it's true. It's in the 12th Amendment. The house decides the president and the senate decides the vice-president.

Since Republicans own the majority in the senate, they WILL put Pence back for a second term.

The house doesn't go by delegates but by delegation. If a majority of a state's districts are red, they must put their one vote for the republican in office. Same goes for a state with a majority blue district.

Of the 50 states, 37 will vote for Trump.

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When they get to the SCOTUS, they're going to present all the evidence of fraud in an attempt to overturn something

That something could be: Overturning just the fraudulent ballots that could change the outcome of an election. Overturning just the states in question that could change the outcome of an election. Overturning the entire election itself.

SCOTUS doesn't want to certify who's the winner of an election, so if enough irregularity and/or fraud is given to them that they're convinced, Amendment 12 turns the election to the states. Each of our 50 states will get one vote and they must vote under party lines. California's 55 electors becomes 1 state vote for a democrat whereas Alaska's 3 electors becomes 1 state vote for a republican.

Ergo, Trump 4 more years. That's why he's fighting this.

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