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No offense taken. 100% factual. My company now hires based on skin color.

What I’m saying is corporations are ultimately about the bottom line. When they find that the rage mob will only bite them in the ass, they’re really going to wake up.(See Wheeler, Ted) And the first one to buy time on Tucker is going to discover a loyal base who appreciate good things and will buy them.

Pillow guy is perfect proof. I bought one of his pillows. Doesn’t quite live up to the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life, guaranteed hype.

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As a marketer, it amazes me that Tucker can only get shady advertisers like My Pillow and various geriatric gadget peddlers. A smart corporation, say a car maker or a major restaurant, should be able to look at the numbers and do the math. Cancel culture virtue signaling pussies have them running scared. You gonna boycott McDonald’s or Jeep? Good luck with that.

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The happiest, most joyous, most hopeful, most inclusive place on the internet. Your color, sex, sexual orientation, religion or age doesn’t matter here. .win is about winning with the most flawed, arrogant, vain, bumbling man God ever anointed to lead this great land. He is all of those things. And he knows it. And that he knows it is what makes him infinitely more qualified than any other groomed buffoon before him. This man is real. Pray for his strength and safety. There will be rest for this tireless lion come November 4th.

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Susan Rice is very vocal about her hatred of him, so you know he's a good guy.

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So no drugs, caffeine or alcohol. I'm going to need new hobbies.

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All of Sullivan's moves have been dictated to him through Kalorama HQ. Name a former president who decided to set up shop and make his home in Washington, DC post-presidency. The only reason I can think that someone might do that is to preside over a Shadow Administration. Perhaps to try to cover up nefarious deeds?

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I get grief from my grown kids for having an American flag flying on the front of my house. The left equates patriotism with fascism now. Most homes displaying an American flag these days are probably Trump voters. My neighborhhood is full of them.

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My wife is a very smart and informed voter. Problem is most of her information comes from MSM and Never Trump. She will never see this and even if I show her, her TDS addled brain will say, "ANYONE is better than Trump!"

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Devastating. How is the an actual nominee? China leadership must be salivating to help elect this idiot.

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Don't you love how the usual Obama suspects (including Obama himself) are saying what they love about ol' Joe is "his heart"? There's a picture going around that Susan Rice tweeted recently showing him "comforting" her when she lost her father. The old fuck couldn't even put down his coffee and is hugging her with one arm. What heart.

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She's trying to up her profile. Heard Biden was looking at women of color as VP, decided to be a big shot ad get in the running. Even had to gall the "announce" this announcement yesterday, touting it as of huge national importance.

I am a gun owner. Don't belong to the NRA. But I might join now.


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Can't listen to the self-righteous bitch any longer and it's only been a couple minutes. I'll come back to see what you guys have to say about it later.

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The picture in the Breitbart article is one of the best examples of a community organizer completely and totally out of his league. Another great one is the big shots in the situation room the night of the Osama takedown. Hussein looks like the least competent and most scared person in the room, even though they dressed him in his tough guy commander in Chief jacket.

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