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Fun Fact - Susan Collins once worked for William Cohen .

Who is William Cohen you ask ?

The epitome of the swamp / deep state .



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Also reguratating bullshit tweets as fact from Alex Jones' lawyer is also retarded .

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You only had to watch a couple of her speeches on youtube to know where she stood . Same as Scalia .

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It's racissss when white antifa racially abuse black cops .

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everytime one of those fuck from CNN ask him to denounce muh white supremacy I would ask them: so do all the people who worked for Clinton hired by your network denounce pedophilia & sex trafficking considering their old boss was linked to one of the most notorious sex traffickers & pedophiles in recent history in Jeffrey Epstein.

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You know his dad Mike Wallace was in Epsteins black book .

" Meanwhile, Epstein hosted a reception at his New York mansion for the late CBS broadcaster and Interlochen alumnus Mike Wallace in 1997. (Wallace’s name was also listed in Epstein’s address book, with the title “60 Minutes-CBS.”)

“Held at the luxurious home of alumnus, Jeffrey Epstein, the event included dinner, remarks from [Interlochen Alumni Organization] President Dean Anderson and Wallace, plus entertainment by New York area alumni. Wallace was honored for his distinguished career in broadcasting and, coincidentally, his 79th birthday during the festivities,” an Interlochen newsletter stated. "


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Thanks . I thought we could all do with some calm rational logical thinking after all the hype of the debates started to wear off .

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What can you tell us about William Cohen , The Cohen Group ties to General Jones . Mattis has joined The Cohen Group lead by William Cohen former Maine senator & Secretary of defense for Bill Clinton , Susan Collins worked for Cohen when he was in govt & inherited his seat . He was also McCain's pallbearer & groomsman . Lots of connections to China . Any more detail you can shed light on ????

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The President of that group Brad Woodhouse was once the President of David Brock's far left organizations - Correct the Record & American Bridge . Notice how they give a large amount of money to Brock's organization . That's how they launder the money to avoid campaign finance laws . They filter to through several groups so you really don't know which amount of money came from where .

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That's not her . If you watch the original one , before the people get to the u-haul you can see her unloading it . She is one of the first ones , unloads a blue bag or object . She comes from the Left side of the truck which is the drivers side if you watch the video .

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I'm laughing so hard my ribs are hurting ... So fucking good .

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