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Among many ways, you are both also correct. No empathy.

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They swoop them up with metal lassos from the wealthy, beat the dogs, kill them, and then sell them. Its BEYOND fucked up.

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Chat slide somewhere else ya nasty ho.

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I appreciate the heads up. Its easy for things to get lost. The communication age gets faster by the year.

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Some say the based cover all bases.

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Correct. Citizens of America are considered to have divine rights, thus each individual voice is divine. As such, everyone is king, yet no one is king.

This is why free speech matters.

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USPTO, an official government office that has VERY public records says otherwise, Reuters.

In fact, they are so public that they warn you not to accidentally submit your bank card info with your fee form because it could inadvertently become public record...

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I never saw one, but I saw 2 BLM signs. 1 way out in the countryside and one in town.

What you will see more frequently is discreet rainbow ymbols that aren't your typical rainbow (as in not a kid's spring rainbow theme... but the alphabet rainbow instead).

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I doubt they actually understand what communism actually is.

Higher income disparity than capitalists (our poorest poor are wealthier than their poorest poor).

Don't believe in fridges. Wet are a social addiction for women.

Not marrying and caring for elderly/being the perpetual social security as a family is considered damaged goods (you're hurting the "we" society).

I could go on....

But you know they got Amazon on speed dial. It's like.... the relationship between people and their goods/service matters ... A LOT.

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Don't forget the plaid. According to the harpy from last May that screamed at me while I was wearing a plaid jacket, he must be a Fox News viewer. I said I don't watch pharmacy ads disguised as news. She said I should be ashamed for not wearing latex gloves to a nursery. An.Outdoor.Nursery.

I mean... this guy is wearing plaid, too! 2+2=5 and all that.

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Just remind DNC normies that they're going to go after your fridge for energy consumption-- enjoy the luxury of wet markets in Minnesota!

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Time for them to find a new job then.

They could:

A. Learn to code. B. Find another news agency. C. Literally anything else that doesn't rape your soul and make you watch while ot's being done.

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MAGAAntiAtty2020 here to denounce MagaAttorney2020

There, I made up shit to fix everything. Balanced, like all budgets should be 🤣

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M&Ms are expensive with all that inflation, man.

The emails of a spoiled, entitled, angry man-child. This is the son of their golden calf. Remember that.

This is the kind of person he raised, and now the media wants to give him 2-4 years to do the same to us under the control of technocrat puppet masters.

Remind people, especially those that defend him, of this. This is who he raised. They willingly desired to be the place of Hunter to spite "Orange Man Bad".

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That's almost correct: Plant Patents differ in this regard, but what you say is true for most other types.

With that said, it's still an idea they, Dominion, put out there into the world as public record.

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Thanks! I figured out the connection.

Holland and Hart firm does pro bono for ACLU of Utah. A Cursory glance at the firm's rona links goes to a W.H.O. portal. It's a lefty den of lawyers that centralized in UT, and has branches around the Western US.

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