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He is honed razor sharp by working every day, facing the fake news every day.

No prep needed.

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People who are literally given every opportunity and resource and still can't get their shit together.

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Just listen to her voice, she is seriously deranged.

They have created people who would cheer on a firing squad if they were executing Trump supporters. She would probably volunteer for pulling the trigger.

No wonder they have no moral issues with abortion.

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Agreed, as the country rests on a knife edge, now is not the time get risky with what is a great gift for him at this time.

Look at the other judges, many of them are elderly and some are in poor health. He will get at least one or two more picks where he can put a great pick up for nomination that will be more what we want.

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Sessions and Mattis come to mind too.

Listen, I am 100% behind our President, but sometimes he makes choices based on what he knows and thinks at the time, and sometimes he turns out to have been, if not wrong, but mislead about the people he chooses to serve in his administration, and he is not perfect as much as we joke around about that he is. He came into this job without a complete understanding of how Washington works, and was surrounded by swamp devils whispering in his ears.

The Donald.win is not, and should never be an echo chamber. People need a place where they can speak their mind even if they don't agree with what Trump does sometimes.

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I looped this for about 5 minutes and laughed each time.

This is a TOP KEK!

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Ok I found it, March 2016.

Amazing difference in his overall health and appearance too.

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Was this today? Last week? Last year? 5 years ago?

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The best thing to do is vote in such huge numbers that any attempt at a "found ballot" 5 days later scheme will fail outright or be so egregiously fake on its face that it will expose the fraud.

If Trump wins a state by 1 million votes on election day, and they "find" 1 million and 1 votes for Biden 5 days later, and every ballot is for Biden, is a ridiculous scenario for them to pull off.

The voting day margin has to be so large, they they can't over come it. The bigger the margin, the more obvious the steal attempt would have to be.

Now, destroying Trump votes, or changing Trump votes to Biden votes is a more dangerous scenario. This is where we need an army of polling workers, watchers and auditors to keep eyes and ears on such things.

Barring all that, if they still have the balls to try and "find" the votes.... well then we will have reopen the last episode of 1776 and fight for our freedom again, not even kidding.

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This is like the online version of the sad strip club guy.

Before all this online stuff, sluts, I mean "dancers" worked at the local strip club. A lot of the guys at strip clubs are "normal" guys who go there from time to time cause they want to see some tits and ass while they get drunk with their buddies.

But there is another class of guy who goes there, these are the guys who focus in on one "dancer" and spend all of their tip money and time watching the one dancer. The sluts love these guys, cause they know they can work this poor sap for every last dime he can scrape together. They string this poor sap along for weeks and weeks, pretending to be his "friend" and hinting they may have something special in the future.

This has now been transferred to the online world, and there is an endless supply of weak minded losers who fall for this and replace a real relationship with a woman for this fake relationship with a slut.

Pathetic and sad.

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Good I hope they see this.

Eat shit Hannity.

He has been championing Breona Taylor for sainthood for two day straight now.

He has cucked out.

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As close as this election could be (with the steal efforts), any middle of the road fair weather conservatives he can get in Trumps column is a good thing.

We may not like him here, but he still has a large audience of what you might call normies, people who don't really pat too much attention but will vote conservative based on what people like Beck say, so let's just use him while he is leaning this way.

You dont have to listen to his show, but he is saying the right things now, and people do listen to him.

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They choose their jobs over your rights, every time.

If they refused to follow their bosses (elected politicians mind you, mayor, governor etc), then they risk being fired and blacklisted from the police fraternity.

Once they take them in that fraternity, they get special rights and treatment by other cops, even outside your jurisdiction. They have to tow the fraternity line or they will be regular civilians again.

Its just that simple, if they don't follow orders, they can lose all of that and they value that more than they value your freedom or rights.

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He is dead to me. How, at this point, after all the good he has done exposing all of this bullshit for four years, how can he now start pushing the left's narratives now?

To Hannity, Sorry buddy, you are on the shit list now. I can't take you serious ever again.

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Nadler is on his last legs, Pelosi is a few months from dementia if not already there, Waters is old as fuck. Bill and Hillary are fading fast.

Time the avenger.

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Hannity was basically putting her up for saint hood when his show started today.


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Sad as this is, at least they are outside getting what passes for exercise these days I guess.

Sad they can't just do this in a club and have fun without all the communism and hatred.

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