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bEfoRe hE LeAveS OfFiCe. Psst, we're hanging you too msn

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Thats what I was thinking, what do you mean by a "massive liberal"?

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Accepting what reality new account? That Trump has 4 more years in the Whitehouse?

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The majority of republicans are members of the deep state uniparty, they want to get back to fucking americans with trade deals and bombing the middle east. Its not lack of a backbone, its because they are not on our side. They are controlled opposition.

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fbi is deepstate swamp

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Yep, colorado pede here, save my state, kick the commies out

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don't bash my state, I live in a DEEP red part of colorado, Trump flags and signs everywhere. My state is a state of unparalleled beauty, its the fucking cali transplants ruining it. In the 90s it was a red state, then those fuckers destroyed it. I want my state back

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