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Christ wouldn’t do it. ... ... I will 🤣

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It’s, I think, quite likely that she fades into obscurity soon. You might be right, but I think this will be the case. We’ll see.

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No but trump didn’t let him go for that reason. He let Him go because he fired him

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And the castro stuff. Why would you lead with something that will be picked apart and laughed at as nonsense. Even if there’s truth in it, consider how normies will hear it.

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“The kraken — there is none.” Are we calling crowder a doomer shill too?

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Heard this before. I remember when trump got rid of Bannon people said awww yeah he’s just letting him loose. 🙄

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Who in here has an inner commie? None here. Morale is not at a low because of inner communism. It’s at a low because of recent developments. Sidney wasn’t distanced because of an elite 6d chess plan, she was distanced because she said some things on tv about a governor being complicit in foreign bribery .

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Ok, but: the feeling of the all-too-familiar tick-tock is real. Mind you this isn’t Trump tick-tock, but Rudy tick tock. He was the guy promising the laptop stuff as well

Rush, for instance, had been one of the biggest sirens on election fraud the whole time. Even he said his expectations for evidence have been let down.

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The toilet paper and Christie really go together well

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Tell your son not to be intolerant of brunettes.

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Well dang.

It’s almost like trumps legal team specifically took the time to make a press release

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It’s willful. They want the virtue signaling credit

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Amazing how the left used to be so disgusted by the FBI and it’s like, but now they just love em like teddy bears

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