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Vaccines started being made in China, that’s what went wrong

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“If you wanna lay my hairs down, I love cockroaches, and they sit on my lap. But corn pop was a bad dude, and I’ll wrap this chain around his head. So let’s do some pushups and I challenge you to an IQ test!”

-Joe Biden, Actual candidate for president

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This is north Phoenix by the I-17 going west towards lake pleasant

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Other pedes are educating me now that yes, the perp reached for the victim’s gun, but the victim was actually shot by a second firearm belonging to the perp.

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So the victim died defending himself from a lethal threat while using nonlethal defense.

Unreal. He could have legally shot the perp and survived.

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It appears he pulled the gun off the victim and used it against him.

Is that accurate? I have not seen the video.

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The black areas, where those pesky African Americans reside (who largely refuse to give up cash for digital currency)

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