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They’ll be fine. The inner city black gang members will protect and feed them once they see their BLM t shirts.

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Yeah that’s the glazier children’s museum I believe.

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This. One of my friend’s wives refused to vote trump because of muh principles after his pussy grabbing comment. I told her we had to look at the big picture for her children. Didn’t work. I’m still annoyed by it.

Be against everything the left stands for but let them win because of someone’s personal life?

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Can someone explain to me how a republican senator not voting for a conservative judge helps their future career in politics?

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If trump died today I can only imagine the celebrations they would be having. Fuck this cunt. She can burn in hell and she was a traitor to our constitution.

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Haha haha. Nobody cares about being called a racist anymore. I agree with taco bear. They commit half the violent crime despite being like 13% of the population.

Diversity equals chaos.

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Why the fuck is brandishing a law? Isn’t it a nice thing to give a warning of your lethal capability to a potential threat instead of just shooting them? Give them a chance to live?

Reminds me of arresting a rattlesnake for rattling before striking a leg.

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Those cops are slow then. I do two second draw and fire drills (which I believe is the standard to aim for) and it’s even harder with an IWB holster.

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Please name one country with a shit ton of diversity that is better than a homogenous one?

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