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I dug into it once, at least the modern luddites can all be traced back to a single person. One 'Guru' that fancies himself the Deepak Chopra of universal truths about the 'reality' of our flat universe. It's as close to an actual cult as any of the conspiracy theories I've looked through, though most of the followers are just real short on brainpower and believe some of the crackpot insane explanations for the clearly observable curvature of the earth being an 'illusion' that actually proves it is flat.

I also wondered if it wasn't artificially pushed, because they intentionally cross a lot of their 'evidence' from UFO enthusiasts as proof that NASA is really lying to cover up that the earth is flat, not hiding UFOs. Keeps eyes off the things NASA is actually covering up, which are far more likely to be spy-planes and spy-satellites than anything else.

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^ This guy conspiracies.

Flat earth, holographic moon, NASA covering up UFO sightings, Secret Monsters, Ghost Stories, these are all huge conspiracy theories with massive numbers of 'followers' that don't get the time of day in the media.

Instead they claim anything that actually has evidence as 'a debunked conspiracy' and pretend saying the word 'debunked' is all it takes to erase all the freely availible evidence*.

Say whatever you want about Qanon, they have collectively made it their mission in life to expose pedophiles online. I don't care if they believe in the Tooth fairy, I'm going to stand back and let them work.

*In this case the 'evidence' is the number of pedos exposed by Qanon on twitter, which was the catalyst that made them targets of the left.

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Trump doesn't have a job dingus. He owns a business.

His business pays taxes, and he doesn't take a salary. He lives in his hotels, flies on his business jet, drives around in his business cars, has meetings while eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. He works 16-18 hours a day and doesn't take days off or vacations. He even has meetings while golfing.

All of this means Trump does not have any 'income' to pay taxes on, his business does, and the NYT claims to have illegally got hold of a copy of his personal tax reports, not those of his businesses.

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People with a concept of mercy are too risky. They won't turn their neighbors in for things like 'spreading rumors' or talking bad about the government.

First you gotta force complete tolerance and acceptance of degeneracy to break the moral foundation of the people, then you have to replace morality with the state and force total compliance and adherence on the following generation.

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Remember folks: That was the DNC choice for president this year.

Ever wonder why it's been such a charlie foxtrot that ended with a senile old man? Their plan has been crumbling since the beginning.

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Wanna guess how many pantifags even know what a stingray is or does?

"Some kind of skate board, right?"

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Pretty sure there was a mythbusters episode that showed the coffee table she was floating on could have easily supported them both till they were rescued. Didn't even need to rig anything else.

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It was pathetic when we knew it was their only strategy, now that they come out and admit it openly like that it's something else. It's beyond pathetic, we need a new word. It's communist.

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That used to be the norm, all movies about politics completely ignored the existing parties, and simply had 'patriotic' type politicians and 'corrupt leeches.'

That was because people from both sides of the Isle would fill in the blanks and imagine the patriotic guy was on their side.

"If only someone like that would actually run for office, I'd vote for them in a heart beat."

And then it finally happened with Trump, and half the country doesn't even know it happened because they believe the caricature of him on CNN, and Pedowood went completely political about everything.

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Global warming was also NOT the main villain, but rather a super blight wiping out all the genetically engineered crops, one of the real potential threats to our world food supply that the cult of global warming doesn't want anyone talking about.

That was my favorite part.

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I'm a big fan of Monsters Inc and How to Train Your Dragon, but as I realize that stories of monsters have been THE way to warn our children against Pedos, Rapists and Serial Killers for thousands of years, without actually having to tell them we were talking about actual people, I now hove to wonder WTF am i supposed to replace those stories with now that "Monsters" are fullfy friendly guys who just want to make you laugh, and Dragons are just scally cats with wings.

It's a bit of a bigger problem than just losing some of the movies and shows I happen to like.

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For years Hollywood, the public indoctrination system, and the literary market driven by publisher ideologies, have promoted the idea that the villains and monsters aren't all that bad once you get to know them. Everything from simple children's movies about how fluffy monsters aren't really scary, to super hero movies where the villain is given some kind of motive that maybe wasn't that bad at heart, they just went about it the 'wrong way.'

At the same time they have taken the idea of 'Humanizing the hero" to the point where the protagonist of the story has so many flaws they are basically a shitty human being bordering on being a villain.

All of this is no coincidence when movies come out that have villains center stage 'making the socialists look bad.' Because they are not doing that at all. The 'socialists' have been trained to watch the villain, to dissect the villains motivations, to identify how "They were actually a good guy all along, but just went too far, or could have accomplished what they wanted if they hadn't let the idiot hero get the best of them that one time."

When one of these people sees the Gheto Bastard of Wakanda preaching black power and oppression, and if "We just level the playing field with super advanced weapons it will be rainbows and sunshine as they take over the world." It is no coincidence that rioting and looting took over the planet within two years.

When one of these people see Thanos on a mission to create "peace" and "Prosperity" by cutting down the universe population, they DON'T see the utter stupidity and plot hole of 'wait a few years and everything will be just as bad as it was' they see "That's actually a good idea, because then there would be more resources to give away for free with a communist government." And it's no coincidence that people who identified as liberals just before that movie came out are now openly pushing communism and redistribution of wealth.

When those people see a movie about an insane man doing whatever he feels like in the name of whenever he feels like and "class envy," it's no coincidence that open street violence, looting and insurrection against the government is being praised as a 'valid form of protest' in the name of "class envy."

These people have been trained to identify with the villain, and hate the heroes. Which is why they openly identify as villains, self aggrandize themselves as villains, outright 'hero worship' the villains, and also want all the heroes dead.

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I had this conversation before, the next part is where they come back all angry that you have been brainwashed by things called facts that contradict with their feelings and how they know that Trump is a Racist and a fascist because they took your advice and listened to him talk.

Pro tip, they won't actually listen to Trump at all but will try to link a youtube video with someone else explaining how everything Trump said one time was clearly racist if you intentionally interpret it that way, out of context, while also high.

"Is it that hard for you to listen?" is like a code word NPC emergency reset passkey. They are now mad at you for not allowing them to have a one sided debate and have completely shut out everything you have said.

"I'm processing what you are saying... it's a lot for me to process" = I must conclude that you are not the person I thought you were, and that you are in fact an evil Nazi because there is no other reasonable explanation for not drinking the koolaid. There is no possible way I can be wrong about Trump, who I have never met, so i must have been wrong about you all along. I am now sad and angry about this, and need time to figure out to deal with the loss of the person I used to think I knew. I will get back to you after I have figured out what hateful things to say to you in response.

Maybe they are a better person than that, and actually still capable of introspection, but this late in the game I doubt it. The person I had this conversation with was a reasonable, honest human being before the brainwashing set in for good.

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You don't need anything if you just do it and pretend it was legal. See: Everything that has happened in 2020.

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One of the worst human inventions humanity have ever managed to human up.

Still not as bad as eugenics, abortion, or communism, but up there since it's worked to make all of those far worse.

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There are five govenors who's continued daily breathing astounds me. They didn't kill my grandparents, but if they had...

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I've seen this sentiment for most of my life, I've also seen foreigners balk at the idea and how stupid the American two party system is compared to their much better and faster decline into communism. And now that I live in Canada and have become acquainted with their five flavors of Liberal parties, I now know the opposite to be true:

Anything other than a two party system is a joke and a lie.

Take all the democrat infighting, and make it a tiny bit more public so you can play the field when one "side" is losing popularity, and get more votes for the other liberal party. Then all the parties gang up against anyone who dares voice an actual conservative opinion, and before you know the "Conservative" party is left of Romney.

Everyone likes to think 'if we had more than one party we wouldn't have to deal with this bullshit corruption' but look at every other western nation with more than two parties right now, they are so far down the corruption hole there is no coming back.

A unified republican party was the only thing that held our country together for as long as it did, they couldn't actually break it until they took over the education and media and destroyed the country from the children up. And even that is currently in the process of backfiring. We still have a chance to reform the GOP, every other conservative party in the world is just offering 'democrat light' and cowering under their masks in fear of being called a racist again.

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Yes, we should be permanently removing these threats from our society, but in that situation every father has to make the decision: "Do what needs to be done, or let the police handle it so my child doesn't lose their father to a corrupt justice system?"

It's not as easy a decision as it should be unless you live in a castle doctrine state.

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Much of the Leftist world view is about sacrificing the long term in favor of the immediate. Except in climate change, where they flip their stance and still manage to be wrong.

Nah, it's still the case even there. They want short term gains no matter the cost, and hell, it doesn't even matter what the 'gain' is as long as it fucks people over somehow, that's good enough.

They want an 'instant' solution to this supposed long term problem, like raising taxes for no reason, or forcing the US to pay for other countries to do nothing, or banning plastic straws.

It comes to fruition with Covid1984 as well, they want an 'instant' solution there. Force lockdowns, force masking, 'contact tracing' a disease that's already completely beyond containment, just keep printing money to fix the economy their instant gratification policies are destroying.

But that's just the "voters." The ones pulling the strings have long term plans, but may be acting desperate because those plans have been so damaged here in the US. They still have a pretty significant level of control though.

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Middle of the night, low traffic, straight stretch of road, there's these things called headlights that can be seen from several miles away.

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