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Maybe his leg hair got creeped out and moved to a region on his body that has less activity?

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Yeah but in Broward County? That place makes Omar's district in Minnesota look like a paragon of virtue. Something spoopy about all this, especially this close to the election.

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It's like people want to play gatekeepers on the information dug up and do not want people to decide for themselves.

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I guess she wanted a flock that has more money.

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If shit goes full retard, we will probably see black box tech used to calm people down while the bad guys are being rounded up/neutralized.

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Probably gonna try and pull 'right wing militia/DoJ/military' fuckery and lean heavily on it, because they skeered.

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When citizen journalists uncover this fraud, publish it for public consumption, that erases the left's 'DoJ is Drumpfs GeStApO' narrative.

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Must post tight shot grouping first.

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BREAKING NEWS: Large quantities of Testosterone found on President Trump's drug test! Democrats scream peach mints! Biden test negative on everything! Now sports.......

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But this says nothing about arrests.

"always look on the bright side of life"

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Crystal Blue Persuasion - Tommy James & The Shondells

I gotta check some record crates, I remember listening to this.

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