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I can't wait until the first tests of chloroquine come back. You know it'll be something like a 95-100% success rate and the MSM will still try to find a reason it's bad.

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Reddit is censoring this story hard. It even got removed from /2xChromosomes after some clever URL manipulation and 70 upvotes.

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I'm so sick of seeing the media rally AGAINST THE FUCKING CURE. JFC, WTF is wrong with them? Then you get the liberal sheep who just fall right in line and regurgitate that they read an article where 2 people died in the fucking Congo from overdosing on the drug without a doctor.... yeah no shit... do they seriously want us in the situation where bodies are on the streets just so they can prove Trump was wrong again?

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Duh. Fucks up their NWO plans. Bill Gates said on his AMA a few days ago that he sees a future where we are implanted with a microchip once we've received the COVID-19 vaccination.

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I love how differently the foreign press treat the President compared to the US media. US reporters just ask irrelevant and loaded "gotcha" questions.

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That's all you see in the live thread on /politics.

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A couple months ago, the Italian authorities were encouraging their citizens to hug Chinese tourists to show their support for the virus. It's hard to fathom what goes through these people's heads sometimes.

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One time he called out the press for a conference in the middle of summer during a heat wave. All the press were basically forced to stand outside for like 90 minutes in the sun and on the live feeds you could hear them constantly bitching about it. It was great.

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The tin-foiler in me thinks it's a bit too convenient that all these public figures are contracting the virus so suddenly. Kind of like they need an excuse why they need to leave the spotlight..

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A 4chan "DNC insider" said their plan was to cancel all debates possibly under the pretext of the Coronavirus. I took screenshots cause it totally sounds like something they'd do.

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I find it very disturbing that in October, Event 201 "simulated" a Coronavirus outbreak that almost directly mirrored what is currently happening. That combined with all the oddities regarding the level 4 labs in China leads me to suspect that this is some sort of deep state last ditch effort to take out the economy before the election scenario.

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One more thing.... In case you haven't seen it... Watch this scene from Event 201... This was from last October.

Go to 14:22

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I expected more from the DS. Forcing Biden to win is like doubling down on a pair of 2's.

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The 2% figure is derived from "official" sources. It could easily be more like 5-15%.

Also, the R0 tends to matter more than the fatality rate. Ebola doesn't spread super easily and usually kills its victim before they can infect more people. SARS and MERS have a R0 of roughly 1-2.

Los Alamos is estimating the Coronavirus is between a 4.4 and 6.6. Measels is one of the only viruses with a R0 that's higher and it only had a .2% fatality rate. We have no immunity or vaccines to this. It will spread like wildfire.

One other thing that should be mentioned... Reddit, Twitter and Youtube are using the same methods of censorship they use against Trump supporters with information related to the Coronavirus. Subreddits have been quarantined or banned just for freely discussing the virus or posting videos directly from China. Usually things like this only happen when someone higher up wants to control the narrative.. and if this were all just a natural occurrence I doubt they would be so proactive.

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It's very likely some sort of bioweapon either intentionally or accidentally released. That or it's just the biggest coincidence that the perfect disease with genetic material from HIV and SARS came from a market located several hundred meters from the only level 4 bio-research lab in China.

On average each person who catches it (the R0 term) infects 4-7 other people which is insanely high. The flu is between like a 1.4-1.7. From a statistical standpoint, it's nearly impossible for the virus to not spread around the world at this point.

About 70-80% of people experience a severe flu. The others experience something like the flu + pneumonia which seems to result in about a 5% fatality rate though it could be lower with treatment.

It appears that you can become reinfected with the disease even after being cured. There could be several strains going around of differing severity and there is worry the virus could mutate into something worse. There's some evidence that the virus responds well to anti-viral HIV medications and possibly intravenous Vitamin C in large doses.

If it spreads in the US, one of the biggest issues will be receiving medical care if hospitals become overrun. If the shit is going to hit the fan, it will likely happen towards the end of March or early April.

If you can buy a large bag of beans, rice, and some other basic necessities in the next week or two, you will be ahead of the masses when the real panic sets in if that happens (not saying it will).... and there's nothing wrong with having extra supplies in case there's an earthquake or storm...etc.

I wouldn't panic too much, though, Trump doesn't seem too worried about it and I trust him.

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The salt is flowing on Reddit. They know this was to kill Bernie's chances of winning.

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I hope Bloomberg becomes the nominee. The amount of mental gymnastics the leftists will have to engage in to rationalize their vote for him will set new galactic records.

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If the Pope dies, then like basically 9.5/10 of the requirements for the End Times are upon us.

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It's funny how they ignored the virus when it was in China and people were posting videos of the CCP rounding up citizens and throwing them in boxes.... and then within a day all of a sudden it's Coronavirus 24/7.

I'm not exactly certain what their slant is; but, there's definitely an agenda with the virus.

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And then the media makes sure the cattle forget about it within a few days...

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Is the FISA report still due on the 9th?

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