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He realizes they can be sued for improperly marked streets if an accident occurs. He will move the BLM mural off the street soon.

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First it was let them kneel, now it's how dare you not. Interesting.

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He sounds even less confident than I expected a computer science major to be with no medical background.

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Sounds like the AK Fired several rounds first and then the driver responded with his own weapon. It distinctly sounds like two different weapons, no?

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You just know they won't take down Byrd's statue in the capital, despite him admitting to being a former member of the KKK.

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His inability to grasp the very serious concerns over free speech, monopolies and insider influence within DC is troubling. He seems to honestly believe that the Left is not a major threat to the Average American's voice. Not one word uttered against their dangerous policies.

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I have been in the foxhole (The_Donald) beside you since 2016.

We Conservative LGBT have been pushing back against extremism within the LGBT community and its why we need this sub back up and running on the win platform.

I want my slice of the american dream. Work hard, buy a home someday, and if I am lucky adopt children in need of a home with my monogamous husband.

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You mean the women who worked hard their entire lives and just want the opportunity to excel at their sport, free from those who would have a biological advantage over them? Those TERFs? :)

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So weird for them to mention the race of those involved, especially in the title. Germany NEVER releases suspect ethnicity in the press.