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Exactly. It's truly sad what they have done to sports and entertainment. We need to start our own networks of finance, sports, and entertainment. I would love to see a new NFL league with 1980's NFL rules. i.e., the Pete Rozelle days. Football was much more exciting then.

Btw, even Chess has been affected. Youtube deleted videos of a popular chess player because the chess pieces were white vs black. I kid you not.

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It's obvious. They are trying to get Trump to quit. It's their only play.

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No mention of the 'stockpiles' that Obama depleted, which had to be completely re-stocked. Wonder what he used that money for?

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Folks, this needs to keep going... The only way these corporate board rooms will get the message is if they lose their asses. Tell everyone you know to turn this crap off until they can respect us and our country.

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In a free country, it would be our choice to decide anyway.

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That is not the same white square in both pictures. Am I missing something?

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It is his wife doing this. I just went to her twitter page. She is using her husband's death for attention. This type of thing has been a motive for murder in the past. Remember the lady who infected her husband with aquarium cleaner? I'm just speculating, but I wouldn't be surprised if we found out that there is more to this story.

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So, the black guy that called the police wants the state to help him rape her by applying 'hate crime' pressure on her?

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Exactly. They tried it in Georgia with the jogger, but it didn't stick. They needed a kookier venue. aka - Minneapolis.

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This guy knows nothing. There are probably just a handful of people who know what is coming... I pray it will be glorious and enlightening.

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This is the toxic masculinity that they hate:


There is a reason you don't see any (white) alpha male rock bands anymore...

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This is not a Trump ad. It is a RNC ad, which is surprising.

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That movie was way ahead of its time. It should be the anthem for the younger generation.

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and he will... But, I think Trump can show that Biden is a 30+ year politician and a liar. Why didn't Obama/Biden do something about it for 8 years?

If Trump does it by EO in a sensible way (treat it like alcohol with age restrictions), he will have taken the issue by the horns and they won't be able to do anything about it. If they take the bait and go against it, then they just lost half their base. If they try to out-do Trump, they look disingenuous and fake. It really is a win/win for Trump.

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Just watched The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams with my family. I hadn't seen it since I was a kid. Such a wonderful film.

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Looks like they are going to have to sample even more Democrats in their next poll.

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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET THIS PATRIOT A BRICK! THAT'S 157194 BRICKS HANDED OUT! We are at 22.1405708745033381848924352% of our goal to BUILD THE WALL starting from Imperial Beach, CA to Brownsville, Texas! Let's make sure everyone gets a brick in the United States! For every Centipede a brick, for every brick a Centipede! At this rate, the wall will be 1728.51212548021096287017928 MILES WIDE and 460.663936659092186705201418 FEET HIGH by tomorrow! DO YOUR PART!

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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET THIS PATRIOT A COAT! THATS 191,112 COATS HANDED OUT! We are 4.74% of our goal to coat the 3,971,894 great people of Los Angeles, California. Lets make sure everyone gets a coat in the United States! For every Centipede a coat for every coat a Centipede!

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"world champion athlete"

I wonder how many trophies and scholarships this sick fuck stole from women competing in sports?

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The teachers are making an unintentional argument against their own profession. If schools aren't open, why are they needed? The federal government could just produce streaming videos of every subject imaginable, taught by the world's leading experts. All free and on an .edu website. No more local schools. No more local teachers.

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