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As usual: The official story is a lie. Don't trust video doctored by the CIA.

E. Howard Hunt called it "the big event" and was planned for Miami at first.

Who knows, really? Unless you witness and can confirm something, It's probably as fake as Gulf of Tonkin or the Lusitania.

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It's not "religious" it's just narrow.

"our laws and bodies" is the sickest part. I thought they were democrats - why do they disenfranchise the people constantly?

lol they're just tyrant mass murderers like all tyrants are. welcome to history repeating.

so bravo to ben for a zinger but it's not going to do anything to stop the murder and sale of unborn children. this really is a bigger issue to me every time I think about it.

people are wack to cut them out of bodies for murder and profit. sick.

it makes all of us objectified as non-human entities for harvest by whomever has money, power, and means. danger!

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It's called faith in God and it's available to you 24/7

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That's what invading armies do.

Advanced warfare just has a different skin (no pun intended).

they are weakening our nation so as to collapse and conquer and loot it.

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"black" was code for satanism all along. you ain't black. nobody's black.

when are americans gonna get tired of being played by the race pimps?

There's one race: the human race. And skin color isn't monochrome!

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So can we send him some perfumed letters from our ladypedes?

or just some postcards to cheer him up? What's the mailing address?

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He only hires young male staffers who have a very gay way about them.

Really. It creeps me out man. Everything about this guy.

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I'm from Utah. This faggot Pierre Delecto is my Senator. HE HAS THREATENED ME TO MY OWN FACE.

He is bought and paid for and does exactly what he's told, and always has. The people who own him are evil, treasonous, bloodthirsty betrayers.

He isn't even a churchy guy - he doesn't even believe a lick of what "the faith" (as he calls it) believes. He doesn't even refer to the church specifically, only AMBIGUOUSLY. "That's hard to define" What a Pharisee full of dead men's bones. What a sellout. What a piece of trash. Why does he feed on us if he doesn't even claim to be one of us? It's the worst, most backwards and satanic form of "representation" in the whole union. My state has become a complete disgrace.

Not because of our "religion" or underwear. But because we were hypocrites who BETRAYED what we claimed to believe. Just like Ephraim always has in history, we became idolatrous whores straight out of the book of Hosea. Ironic. I've had enough. What's it gonna be Utah? Are we still putting up with this and lockdown and masks spitting in the face of Utah's inherent religious and health-centered belief system? (word of wisdom, alma 46:40, Daniel/Hananiah/Azariah/Mishael, locusts and honey nazarene eating)? We are the biggest fucking hypocrites in teh whole world and it makes me sick! and it's all symbolized in Mitt Romney the political whore.

He isn't from Utah. He has no presence or legacy or influence at BYU (provo, Hawaii, or Rexburg) He doesn't get the culture. He's simply a whore.

We were once liberty-loving independents married to the Constitution and the United States Republic. Whatever tf happened to us needs to be repented of and quick.

Our leaders sold us all out. All the members are cowards who want someone else to speak for them so they can all thank me privately. Grow a pair, elders!

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Was it ever there to begin with?

Or was it your mind that was sick?

I'm still waiting for any actual empirical evidence that any death occurred as a direct result of some novel wuhan bat flu virus.

Was it sars?

Was it flu?

Was it pneumonia?

Was it psychosomatic?

Where are you China virus? I tried 6 months to catch you and die. But everybody else says be afraid while they manifest psychosomatic symptoms called TDS i'm supposed to suddenly believe their "virus" is as bad as their "offense" always is.

Not buying. Need evidence.

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So let's recap

  1. by merely TRAVELING, you are thereby punished for returning safely from your travels.

  2. you are guilty until proven innocent (neither can be proven)

  3. you can be detained and imprisoned or put on house arrest FOR ANY REASON for as long as your government wants.

  4. tests don't even work, so you may continually test "positive" with antibodies, even after recovering and being released from a "hospital"

  5. police can enter your house and boss you around for any reason.

If you were sick, they'd get sick, and spread back wherever they went. Who the fuck are we still kidding here? it's a total power grab farce. They'd not want to visit you but set up drones and cameras if they were actually in fear of a virus. Why would they visit? Why would more than one take "the risk"? Why not just check in by camera or drone?

It's a all a larp. A role play. A comic-con fantasy. A sorcerer's spell on humanity straight out of CS Lewis kids books.

Don't you see?

No habeas corpus no right against search and seizure no right against detainment or rendition

isolating against immune responses will weaken your immune system. if they wanted to force anything, why don't they force you to take zinc and vitamin C and Vitamin D3 and local honey and elderberry or ANYTHING that would actually strengthen your immune system?

Thank you for your report, I had to travel all around America to believe that yes, this many people are completely insane and scared for their lives. I never would have believed people would be this cowardly, illogical, tyrannical, shortsighted, stupid - it's dizzying.

So may God give you all the answers and the power to set things right in your area my friend. Thank you for your report.

The wuhan bat virus scheme depends on next flu season being bad. Tell everyone everywhere to take Zinc, Vitamin C, and get sunlight or D3. Let's exercise and be happy and find a way to sing our way out of prison like Paul and Silas.

Sorry for wall of text BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON THERE MAN THAT'S FREAKING NUTS. Go with your gut on this one. There's no evidence to suggest a deadly pandemic ever existed. We all know it deep down. It is creepy, it is weird, it is evil what's being done to you. Call it what it is. That will take a giant relief out from constantly having to do mental calisthenics and jerk off to fake numbers to keep the narrative and power grab and theft and murder going.

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FDR was a leftist pushing socialism. Fear and scarcity is the primary instrument that drives major change.

Yesterday, today, forever - same humans, same schemes. It spikes when he takes office!

Just IMO.

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Notice the artificial spikes the INSTANT slick willie rapist clinton - with crooked in tow like Madame Therese Defarge - took office, and the rapid decrease once FDR was gone (and spike when took office and was pushing hard socialism!).

Those crooked 1913 Fed people really knew what they were doing - their minions rich off the bootlegging from the Prohibition disaster, entrenched from previous years corrupt schemes. Thank God for president Eisenhower. What a mercy he served our country so honorably.

I wonder how much federal corruption played into this kind of thing - it's a postulate looking at a graph. When I look at how crazy and corrupt the leftists are today, then read Sanger was just as crazy and corrupt, it seems to me that people may have been using acts of literal terror like arson as political tools for a very long time.

They love arson to blame on global warming. Maybe it was Gore's specialty. Maybe it's why crooked calls herself HDR. Al Gore ALSO belongs in Gitmo and a swift tribunal.

Justice and fate are building quite a list.

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Fun fact, that shirt was actually from a previous year's psyop. I wondered why James had picked up that story back then

Then 2020 explained it all to me.

It's all mapped out, years in advance. They regurgitate the old tactics with new wrappings, like Hollywood.

Sloppy ruling oligarchy and their minion enforcer propagandists are going to suffer the fate they thought to inflict upon America.

There is going to be a "new" world alright, a world without their control and crimes when THEY get muzzled, quarantined, and delivered justice by judge and jury.

The new 1776, only "greater" because we already stand upon the backs of our ancestors forever.

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congrats to the bride to be!

Trump loves women!

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Addiction and compromise and blackmail of OUR 8 YEAR PRESIDENT!!!


What do you think his little perverted sex abuse flings cost us, the American taxpayers?

What did he spill (yuck no pun intended) and to whom? How much blood and horror did he cause through this sexual blackmail? Leaked classified info, sabotaged intelligence or military operations, politicians and senators and corporations made or broken - it's a horrifying thing to actually audit and consider the damage and blowback from. What an embarrassment to America. His name will eventually be removed from the books. What a crook. What a criminal. What a compromised, leaking, lying traitor. What damage to our country and others.

I'm sure it wasn't just him paying for a child sex slave. Makes me sick. How is he not in Gitmo?

And that pic of him in a dress with Epstein - it's strange how we just gloss over what a serious huge gaping chasm of a rabbit hole problem this was.

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She's a fake "jew" from the synagogue of Satan.

The law and prophets specifically condemn her type, over and over and over.

What a total whore of Babylon. Not debatable.

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Respectful people show respect. It has nothing to do with a job and everything to do with individual performance.

just my two cents I don't know who this man is.

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My advice is open sourced material on torrents.

Can't remember where but I found GIGABYTES of homeschool material ranging from all varieties of subjects. And you can add 3d printing, martial arts, guitar lessons - ANYTHING to homeschool.

My high school had a law enforcement where we mostly watched crime forensics docs and learned what police training teaches. Incredibly valuable class.

Just go to a major torrent site and search "homeschool" or any subject. In a doomsday prep scenario, nothing is more valuable than books and education. Much of it is in public domain.

Throw it on a hard drive and bada bing. They load up on e-reader devices great. Just do work on a separate sheet of paper or transcribe it more - just more handwriting exercise.

"You have a right to free education!!"

Plus the education theories of the day are total nonsense. You're better off creating your own idea of curriculum.

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Like Dahmer's fascination with Return of the Jedi and Exorcist films.

Does the sick media play a part in his psychosis? How is Hollywood able to put out such Satanist stuff when serial killers always take so strongly to "fictional" characters they can copycat?

Why are we to blame as "society" but the twisted movies, books, media, tv, etc he consumes isn't at all to blame?

Society is purposely creating insanity by teaching contradictory, insane ideologies as "science" to begin with.

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