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That hypocritical loser claimed Trump couldn't be Christian because he wanted to build the border wall.

Of course, he said that while sitting on his fat ass in a mini-country that is completely surrounded by a massive border wall.

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Yeah, I agree. They voted for this, now they get the consequences.

And they'll probably blame the Bad Orange Man.

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this Pope is either a naive fool or a monster

This "pope" is protecting the abusive priests and even reinstating ones that his predecessor removed. He is the latter.

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¡Jeb! at least used his manners and left off the insults.

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Lots - and I mean LOTS - of people want her to challenge Murk in 2022. GEOTUS has already promised to campaign against Murk.

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People are downvoting because you're hijacking the thread with something completely unrelated, Anaconda.

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That's not true, they removed the "destruction of the nuclear family" language from their website! DRUMPF LIED AGAIN!!!

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Horses are beautiful creatures. This is disgusting. His sentence should be to receive the exact treatment he gave the horse.

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Depends on how severe the seizure was. Some seizures are so minor, you can't even tell the person is having one.

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Rising tide lifts all boats. So just make sure your boat doesn't have any holes in it.

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Same. That was painful to watch.

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Spicer set the siege, Sarah stormed the keep, Stephanie offered the terms for surrender, and Kayleigh is executing the fools who refused to accept.

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