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So now even POTUS's OPINIONS are the subject of communist "fact checkers" hired by or endorse by leftwing twitter CEO? Have we hit Chicom levels of disinformation and propaganda yet, folks? I would say yes, no doubt.

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His "resignation" probably all arranged in advance with them. Interviews probably been scheduled a week in advance. I'm so sick of these bellyaching punks.

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In my state the hospitalization rate is declining and death rate dropping precipitously, but you have to work like heck to find those results, always buried at the bottom of all search results. A month ago, when the news was worse, you could not avoid those results. Now, concerted effort of media and government to suppress them. Where I am, it is obvious as can be.

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Government funded behavior modification, in your face, plain as day. Add forced contact tracing for everyone, that's coming next. Don't download the app to your phone, no entry into businesses. POTUS administration and DOJ will have to step in to stop it.

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At the moment, it only operates IF you are coerced into downloading an application. The update Apple did is sort of the infrastructure to allow the apps to function. Next step will be the government mandating the app. Then next step to force compliance--businesses will not let you in the store without the phone, with app on it. Video explains it all.

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Excellent video. Probably just scratches the surface, but very good. The part starting at 15:00 is particularly bothersome--no tracing app. on phone, no entry back into the world. It's coming.

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Oh, Paige, I'm so sorry. It is always so hard losing a beloved dog. I've had them my whole life, and every one was priceless to me. You will feel better soon. I hope you can get out when you feel better and get a new one to love.

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Don't consider it, do it! And put the MODS on the commission to tell the Reddit tale start to finish.

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Bet he's got the multiple speed type: 16 rpm, 33 1/3, and 45. You know, high tech...it's the thing, man!

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The absolute worst judge in the DC district. Dumb as a rock. Can screw up even the simplest issue and make it take years. Lazy, egotistical, political, stupid.
Every move he makes is legally wrong. That's hard to do.

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Notice how people won't even look at each other anymore? Fear and shame mixed in equal parts, I think. Pretty damn sad.

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One reason for the huge disparity is that most news outlets insist on reporting the "death rate" as the percentage of HOSPITALIZED people who succumb. I.e., about 4% of those hospitalized with the disease will die (and I don't quarrel with that number).

They of course gloss over the fact that the vast majority of people who get the disease WILL NOT be hospitalized, and will simply get well in time. So, the actual mortality rate of INFECTED PEOPLE as opposed to hospitalized people is probably 1 in 250 or so (.4%) at worst.

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Where I live you can't find the actual new hospitalization stats (to me, the only important indicator) no matter how hard you search, even at the state health department. Search results for my state show stuff like Ghana, or how a family on an indian reservation 1000 miles away died in a hut (literally what they printed!) or stories about how Samoans are "dying disproportionately". This means the virus is dying out and they have no truly bad news to report, so they are frantically searching for stories to try to keep the panic up.

If you really want to see how your state is doing, try searching for "(state) daily hospitalization rates COVID-19". If you can't find anything, you're probably doing great.

I just did it again for my state name and got "Brazil now second to US..." as the top hit. Needless to say, I don't live in Brazil.

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Chris Wallace is a corrupt never-Trumper. FOX is in the tank for the dems, it's more obvious every day.

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I'd bet he's still on the payroll, just keeping a low profile. All it says is that he resigned from some advisory board. It's a socialist health care system over there, no one gets fired.

Here is the equivocal statement he issued at the time:

"I have therefore stepped back from my involvement in Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies).

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The dregs are employed in these places, especially the low-end ones. Often (usually?) there is no M.D. on premises full time, just these circuit-riding contract doctors that drop by from time to time to check for bedsores and what-not. These are awful warehouses, at least the ones I've seen. I'm sure some are just fine, but personally I pray I never want to end up in one. Living a long time sometimes has its drawbacks, I'd have to say.

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You are being too logical. I don't think that's allowed in my state.

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