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Guys I’m reporting that my cock is a foot long and I have an IQ of 167, trust me I’m reporting this.

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This is why we say all lives matter. Because now people don’t care when a white person gets gunned down. I’m convinced they want us dead.

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Sadam Hussein and Muammar al-Gaddafi were based leaders that the corrupt Bush and Obama administration got rid of, now look at those places. They’ve gone downhill ever since. And now they want to take Bashar al-Assad out of there too. STOP. Some places just need fascism. ... I’m starting to think America needs it too.

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the Antifa soyboys all look the same. Cringe

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The powers that be want to import low-IQ easily controlled dark skinned foreigners and drive out smarter more likely to be defiant of being enslaved white people from existence. It’s a power thing really, they know who they can easily enslave, and they see white people as standing in their way.

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I could totally see Kamala being a bitchy prosecutor and bragging about jailing mislead teens. She has such a horrid angry-aunt vibe to her.

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Tucker is just such a treat, a joy to watch and listen to. Just such a great mind, love him.

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Covid is used as a political leveraging tool I could honestly not care less who the fuck has it.

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Democrats are absolutely obsessed with white supremacy. It’s odd.

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Yeah and his weird dead doll eyes. He’s got black eyes, it’s fucking creepy.

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This guy is the most biased moderator I have ever witnessed. The DISRESPECT.

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Dude, this is crazy, I truly believe the Jews are trying to subvert western culture and part of doing that is promotion of pedophilia and sexual abuse. That’s why the porn industry is run by Jews too.

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When people call me racist, I no longer try and fight it. I actually steer into it. “Why yes, I am racist, and proud of it, how could you tell (:” they actually can’t even respond to it, they malfunction

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They are inbred that’s why they have low-iq. They are subhuman mongrels. Fuck them.

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Her brother, AND her husband!

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